Wednesday Week

Betsy's House

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Female-dominated L.A. pop enthusiasts Wednesday Week made their debut with this five-song EP, which lacks the relative polish of their later album for Enigma, What We Had. The leaner sound and scrappier approach of Betsy's House is at once a virtue and a failing; there's a greater sense of fun in the simple but energetic production, and while the performances and arrangements lack a bit of the maturity they would gain with time, the results rock with a home-made flavor that suggests they haven't quite gotten the garage out of their system yet. However, though these tunes have fine melodies and better-than-average hooks, Kristi Callan's lyrics still had a long way to go, and while one might hope she was being ironic with numbers like "I Don't Know" and "I Hate Lying to Mom," most of the time she seems unfortunately sincere. Betsy's House may have been flawed, but it also captured Wednesday Week's genuine promise, and if they would work out their formula with greater precision on their later recordings, the pieces are still mostly visible here, waiting to be put together.