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Beatles Anthology: The Director's Cut [DVD/Bootleg]

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Precisely where this ten-DVD set (and they are real DVDs, not DVD-R's) originated is anyone's guess, but one assumes that with work-tapes of the official Beatles Anthology video/DVD floating around while it was a work-in-progress, someone got hold of some unfinished masters, and here we have the result -- over 12 hours of an expanded and somewhat different working cut of the biographical epic, featuring much longer interviews and fuller versions of clips that appear in abbreviated form on the finished release, and clips (mostly of other artists) that were not used at all. The "Director's Cut" is a slightly closer look at the band's history than the group's business organization probably ever intended, including an extended recollection of the near-debacle of the group's 1966 appearance in the Philippines and other missteps in their history, Paul McCartney's very entertaining recollection -- based on his first time seeing him perform -- of John Lennon's ability to improvise blues lyrics, and a hundred other little pieces of information that weren't deemed necessary for the final edit of the special. The quality is a bit variable, with poor resolution at times and questionable color levels, as these were obviously work-tapes (complete with visible time-code), but for completists and serious fans of the group, the set provides a better look at the "un-neat" side of the group's history, and the odd wrinkles to who and what they were as musicians and people that might've taken too long to explain on network television. Each of five slipcases contains two DVDs and an insert patterned after the official version of the equivalent disc -- each disc contained a breakdown of chapters similar to the official version of the documentary, with an extra running time of as much as six to eight minutes and lots of differences within that length.