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To coincide with Bauhaus' 1998 reunion tour, the Red Ant label issued a compilation of the band, as well as their spin-off groups and solo projects from over the years. Focusing on a few Bauhaus obscurities (only three Bauhaus tracks are present -- "Kick in the Eye," "The Passion of Lovers," and "God in the Alcove"), the majority of the album is from various band members' post-Bauhaus work, showing that each were capable of creating on their own and expanding on the goth groundwork of their previous band. The most successful offshoot group was Love and Rockets, who are represented by two older selections (1985's "Haunted When the Minutes Drag" and 1986's "Ball of Confusion") and two new ones (1998's "Holy Fool" and "Rip 20 C."). By incorporating the unpredictable and unorthodox sonics of their predecessor, Love and Rockets became one of the most popular alternative bands of the late '80s, before long layoffs between albums hurt their momentum. Other points of interest include the Tones on Tail track "Go!," Daniel Ash's "Coming Down (Slow Version)," and Peter Murphy's "Big Love of a Tiny Fool." For an excellent introduction to Bauhaus and its members later work, be sure to check out the bauhaus:petermurphy:loveandrockets:danielash:davidj:tonesontail comp.