Quiet Riot

Bang Thy Head

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Because they're a phenomenon spawned from the MTV era, Quiet Riot indeed dropped some killer videos. This collection corrals five of them (the quartet's tumultuous time in the limelight was blindingly brief). Of course, the brain-melting "Cum on Feel the Noize" remains one of the greatest moments of music video, hair metal, you-name-it; the Slipknot face-mask conceit starts here, and runs through the entire compilation. The rubber room would become an endurable video staple, as well as cages (See Kevin DuBrow in "Mental Health"). "Mama Weer All Crazy Now" may seem like a cheap rip-off, being another Slade cover, but stands as a great song, and is a plum masterpiece compared to some of the band's own compositions, like the quaintly riotous "Party All Night" (sample couplet: "I'm an animal/Yeah, I'm a cannibal"), wherein the band must compete with its own video playing on the TV (luckily Carlos Cavazo puts his axe through the screen). DuBrow's hair grows suspiciously long in "The Wild and the Young," as QR tries to be modern via a bizarre move into Styx territory (neither band survived), and the story abruptly ends there. Bang Thy Head will probably never be transferred to DVD, so if you see this collection, pick it up and bang your head to what a good time MTV used to be.