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Bang Bang Shoot 'Em Up

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Comic book nerds rejoice -- Bang Bang Shoot 'Em Up is a compilation more amazing than Spider Man, more incredible than the Hulk, and more American than Steve Rogers. Its 26 tracks celebrate both the heroes and villains of comics, pulps, vintage serials, and old-timey radio, scouring the vaults to assemble a series of early rock & roll rave-ups more rare than mint copies of Detective Comics #27. Speaking of which, the set includes not only the Thorables' "Batman and Robin," but also "The Riddler," performed by none other than Frank Gorshin himself -- the material also ranges from classic R&B (the Olympics' "Western Movies") to girl group pop (the Chordettes' "Zorro"), to gunslinging country (Johnny Crash's "Wyatt Earp"). Excellent stuff, if not exactly the Best. Compilation. Ever.