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Attention, noise fans: if you've worn out your LPs of Cartridge Music and still lament the demise of the MetaLanguage label (but have grudgingly invested in SST's one-CD distillation of the Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser duet albums), then take heart. Peter Rehberg (aka DJ Pita) and Ramon Bauer have gotten together to bring you 47 minutes of high-quality noise. This being 1999, it's made with Macintoshes and CD players, not with guitars or phonograph needles, so there's a different feel to the proceedings. But it's still the same bracingly forbidding avant-garde sound you've learned to love. It's kind of pointless to try to describe distinctions between the ten tracks that make up this program; all of them sound kind of like digitally amplified termites eating away at a computer's hard drive inside an echo chamber. The termites are of various sizes and appetites, but whether they're grunting on "Pah Eins" or whistling on "Troik," the effect is pretty much the same. Sometimes they flirt with the funk, as on "Nah." But they never give in to it; that would be too much fun. Recommended.

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