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Bakit (Why) contains six songs by Philippine female singer Sari, who has a style reminiscent of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. While Sari's voice isn't quite in the same league as either of these singers, she still conducts herself well and has the potential to improve her delivery. What matters is that she makes this six-song set worthwhile. The album contains three ballads and two upbeat, dance-inflected songs; the remaining song is an instrumental version of the title song, "Bakit." The ballads are modern and soulful, and much more substantive than the easy listening songs heard ad nauseum in the Philippines. "Bakit," for example, which was written by Japanese composers Maria Enomoto and Ayumi Nishimura, contains a warm, tender melody and builds eloquently to a passionate conclusion. Sari's voice and delivery gains strength and ardor every step of the way. The other four songs were written by local composer Ezra Maling, including the upbeat "Goodbye," on which Sari sounds relaxed and exuberant. The horn fills add a measure of excitement as well.