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B-Music Cross Continental Record Raid Road Trip

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B-Music is a collective of disc jockeys and record collectors from Europe and Great Britain who are dedicated to the preservation of odd sounds wherever they might be found, and the U.K. reissue label Finders Keepers has teamed up with the B-Music crew to present this disc devoted to some of their favorite finds. B-Music Cross Continental Record Raid Road Trip features 18 hopelessly obscure sides from their crates, and to be sure there are a few engagingly curious items on board -- the raving Argentinean prog-boogie of Billy Bonds' "Tontos," a grooving cover of Duke Ellington's "Caravan" by the Rodway Leyland Duo, the literally drippy synthesized funk of Sam Spence's "Water World," and some thudding hard rock from Onyx. However, even though there are a number of solid tunes here and even the least of these tracks is interesting, too much of this collection seems designed to impress fellow collectors or amuse folks who revel in records that just aren't right somehow, rather than to provide an hour of exceptional listening. A.E. Bizottsag and Indoor Life may have the weirdness factor going for them, but once you've heard them, you won't need to hear them again, and many of the other cuts are solid but fairly typical genre workouts that trade on their scarcity or unusual nationality instead of offering something truly daring and different. If you're the sort of person who salivates over the prospect of finding, say, a little-known Swedish prog rock single featuring a wildly meandering sitar, then pick up this disc, cue up track eight by Charlie & Esdor, and have a ball. Others will probably be better served reading about such things rather than hearing them. [The CD was re-released in 2007.]

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