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Coming after a few EPs, limited CD-ROMs, and split CDs, Audios is Old Bombs' first bona fide full-length album. It's also one of their most uncompromising and dizzying releases. Then again, combining the Miami-based duo Fukktron (which includes Dino Felipe, one of the strangest acts to record on Schematic) with Carlos Giffoni, leader of the Brooklyn-based group Monotract is sure to make sparks. And it does. Call it digicore, laptop frenzy, or the desperate cry of a disemboweled sampler, the music on Audios sounds like a superball trapped in a House of Mirrors. Samples are brutally axed down to bits, recombined in frightenings ways, defaced further more through computer treatments, and finally reassembled into unstable beats, skippy statements, and outbursts of noise that don't make sense if you isolate them. Taken track by track, these Audios are confusing and overwhelming. They offer nothing to grasp. But as a whole they form a coherent -- violent, extreme, but coherent -- artistic statement. And through these piles of butchered sounds runs a certain sense of humor that evokes the music of Otto von Schirach (one of Felipe's labelmates). Old Bombs elevates audio discomfort to the art of entertainment. It doesn't make Audios a pleasurable listen, but it ensures it isn't a dull one.