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Noisy lo-fi experimental groups like OvO abound everywhere on the planet. They scream, trash, and torture, but rarely move beyond the level of a teenage rage outlet. While encompassing all that, this album also offers more. Despite poor sound quality (with some strong background hiss on some tracks) and dubitable technical abilities from the musicians, Assassine reveals real talent for free improvisation, a sense of urgency that speaks more than basic revolt against authority, and a wicked taste for the bizarre. The voice and playing of singer/guitarist Stefania Pedretti recalls the Scissor Girls' Azita. The basic duo of Pedretti and Bruno Dorella (drums/bass) is augmented on many tracks by various guests adding cheap electronics and saxophone. The best moments happen when the group plays quietly, leaving room for the singer to use dynamics: "Crash," "Ari Up," the short "Mezzanotte." In the latter and "Il Velo Strappato," she sounds like Gong's Gilli Smyth after a nuclear war. Some will find that this release lacks gusto or would prefer to ditch the subtleties in favor of a more raging sonic attack, but others will appreciate Assassine. Each track has something more to offer than what you'd expect from this kind of underground noise release.