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Of the several noteworthy EBM debuts in the year 2000, Inception's God Module was one of the more memorable. God Module's first release, Artificial, is not groundbreaking. However, the punch is solid, and the creativity that went into the release is unquestionable. God Module's talents shine in the uncommon arrangements of sound, throbbing bass synth lines playing under hard melodies. Strong beats drive each track forward, with even the more reflective tracks having a solid rhythmic base. Distorted metallic vocals, reminiscent of Mentallo & the Fixer circa Revelations 23, deliver thematic punch. It is when the songs are built a bit differently where God Module really are at their best. The delicate mix of hard electro, layered and quickening tempos, and pan pipe voices in "Where Even the Stars Still Shine" make it one of the peaks of the album. "Companion" has quick basslines supporting a slower melody, turning what would have been a measured melody into a more restrained energy. "Illusion" changes the tone, showing what God Module can do to a regular dance track. However, at times sounds seem lost in the mix, lacking definition. This is perhaps the only drawback to debut that manifest some interesting ideas on what electro music can do. There is no question that Artificial is pushing in a new direction, and it may not be happening on every track, but the troughs of Artificial are good, solid EBM, while the peaks are something much more engaging.

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