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Arctic Paradise: Finnish Folk Music 1999

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This 18-track collection illustrates the diversity found in contemporary Finnish folk music. Many of the artists sampled here like Wimme, JPP, Loituma, Värttinä, Sanna Kurki-Suonto, and Troka are found in the NorthSide music catalog while others like Maria Kalaniemi and Gjallarborn also enjoy international acclaim due to their major label affiliation. Some of the more interesting selections on this compilation are "Tuulen Nostatus" by Hedningarna vocalist Kurki-Suonio in which her eerie, warbled voice is elevated to impressive heights. "Koira" by Martti Pokela, Timo Väänänen & Matti Kontio is a frolicsome acoustic number performed on an indigenous autoharp-type of instrument and "Mielessäni" is a contemporary folk-pop number that has vocal harmonies that resemble those of Värttinä. Perhaps the most surprising selection is the bluegrass piece "Touch and Go" by Janne Viksten who has accompanied Troka, Loituna, and Kalaniemi.