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Antischism Review

by Stewart Mason

Originally released in 1995 on Selfless Records, and reissued in 2002 on Prank (early copies include a second bonus disc), Antischism collects all of the South Carolina hardcore band's singles, EPs, and stray tracks, from 1989 to their 1995 breakup -- in fact, just about everything except their sole, full-length album, 1994's Still Life. Antischism were a fiercely, proudly political punk band with a strong anarchist streak, and like many such bands, their pointed and occasionally strident lyrics always took precedence over their music. These 35 brief songs are uniformly monochromatic hardcore, complete with the standard hoarse, shouted vocals, breakneck tempos, and whiplash start-stop dynamics. Antischism run through the motions very well, but there's little here that's musically of much interest at all.

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