Anthology 2

The Beatles

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Anthology 2 Review

by Richie Unterberger

As expected, the second installment of the Anthology series reflects the Beatles' increasing use of the studio-as-laboratory during their "middle years." Some live material from 1965 to 1966 appears on the first disc, and the second "reunion" single ("Real Love") leads off the set. But the emphasis is upon alternate takes from early 1965 to early 1968, during which time the group rapidly evolved from post-Merseybeat through folk-rock to psychedelia. As with the first volume, this is nearly always interesting but perhaps thinner on revelations than some might expect. The Help!-era outtakes "If You've Got Troubles" and "That Means a Lot" are on the light side but very fun, especially the latter, which Paul and the group perform much better than P.J. Proby (who covered the song shortly afterward). Some of the alternate takes are extremely different and excellent performances on their own merits: the funkier version of "I'm Looking Through You" and the less mellow arrangement of "Norwegian Wood," a wall-of-drugs reverb for "Tomorrow Never Knows," a very Byrds-like approach to "And Your Bird Can Sing" (with giggle-laden vocals), and an acoustic demo of "Fool on the Hill." The earlier, much more acoustic version of "Strawberry Fields Forever" is the most notable gem. On the other hand, much of the material differs from the official cuts in fairly minute gradations and will be of greater interest to scholars than general listeners (although discoveries like a different solo on "Penny Lane" are fascinating). The seven live tracks on disc one, from the waning days of Beatlemania, are better than many would have assumed, showing the group still capable of generating heat on-stage.

Track Listing - Disc 1

Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 The Beatles 03:54 Amazon
2 The Beatles 01:50 Amazon
3 The Beatles 02:53 Amazon
4 The Beatles 02:44 Amazon
5 The Beatles 02:48 Amazon
6 The Beatles 02:26 Amazon
7 The Beatles 02:33 Amazon
8 The Beatles 01:58 Amazon
9 The Beatles 02:15 Amazon
10 The Beatles 02:44 Amazon
11 The Beatles 02:42 Amazon
12 The Beatles 02:54 Amazon
13 The Beatles 02:45 Amazon
14 The Beatles 01:59 Amazon
15 The Beatles 02:53 Amazon
16 The Beatles 02:55 Amazon
17 The Beatles 03:14 Amazon
18 The Beatles 02:54 Amazon
19 The Beatles 02:13 Amazon
20 The Beatles 02:32 Amazon
21 The Beatles 02:06 Amazon
22 The Beatles 00:40 Amazon
23 The Beatles 02:59 Amazon
24 The Beatles 01:39 Amazon
25 The Beatles 02:54 Amazon

Track Listing - Disc 2

Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 The Beatles 01:42 Amazon
2 The Beatles 02:34 Amazon
3 The Beatles 04:13 Amazon
4 The Beatles 03:12 Amazon
5 The Beatles 05:04 Amazon
6 The Beatles 02:40 Amazon
7 The Beatles 02:43 Amazon
8 The Beatles 01:05 Amazon
9 The Beatles 02:33 Amazon
10 The Beatles 03:05 Amazon
11 The Beatles 05:27 Amazon
12 The Beatles 01:27 Amazon
13 The Beatles 05:43 Amazon
14 The Beatles 04:01 Amazon
15 The Beatles 02:48 Amazon
16 The Beatles 03:02 Amazon
17 The Beatles 03:44 Amazon
18 The Beatles 03:17 Amazon
19 The Beatles 02:22 Amazon
20 The Beatles 03:28 Amazon
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