Redd Kross

Annette's Got the Hits

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A reissue of their first EP (which itself was a reissue of their cuts on The Siren compilation, back when they were known as Red Cross -- before a certain better-known organization by that name made them change it), and still the band's best record. This might surprise fans of the band's later releases: it's original punk 4/4 time stuff, before Satanic Majesties, Kiss, the Stooges, and Partridge Family took over the two McDonald brothers' guitars. Don't miss "Cover Band," which Redd Kross guitarist Greg Hetson took with him to Circle Jerks and retitled (with Keith Morris' new words) "Live Fast Die Young." Note the completely ironic back photo with Hetson and then-drummer Ron Reyes, who himself soon became Black Flag's singer around the time Hetson moved to Circle Jerks; the two bands feuded over the Circle Jerks' Morris stealing his former band Black Flag's "Wasted" for the Circle Jerks (see Black Flag's "You Bet I Got Something Personal Against You"). Songs like "Annette's Got the Hits" slot in between the two warring bands, only played by real kids, not adults. They're adults now.