Andiamo: Love, from Italy [DVD Video]

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AllMusic Review by James Manheim

The three-tenors phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down -- curious in view of the fact that before Pavarotti and company it was virtually unknown. The reason seems to lie in the marketing possibilities -- snag a listener who is fond of just one of the three singers, and you've got a sale for the entire bunch. These three handsome Italian tenors offer plenty of marketing possibilities, and in fact this DVD, recorded in the Netherlands but best known in a concert broadcast on the U.S. Public Broadcasting System, represents the best way for the curious to try them out. The group offers tried-and-true Neapolitan songs like "O sole mio," modernizing the repertory with a few more recent numbers like "Volare" and Nat "King" Cole's "Mona Lisa." They're no great shakes vocally -- not even in a league with Andrea Bocelli and Il Divo, whose names are dropped on the packaging. That might, of course, change with time. The straight-ahead arrangements don't do the songs much good, for they depend on a certain level of individual sentiment. However, the DVD format plays to Andiamo's greatest strength: its members are not only good-looking, but also relaxed in front of a camera, and the stage presence they show here bodes well for their future. The DVD includes two songs (both older ones), an interview, and some bits of introductory visual material, and it's the way to go if you've heard about this group and want to give it a try.