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Amarillo Sampler: You Gan't Boar Like an Eabla When You Work With Turkry's

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For pure variety of musical/non-musical entertainment, it's hard to beat Amarillo Records' sampler CD, You Gan't Boar Like an Eabla When You Work With Turkrys. Some of the tracks, such as Secret Chiefs 3's "Assassin's Blade," reflect complex, multi-layered song structure and serious musical discipline. Others, like intentionally unfunny comedian Neil Hamburger's prolonged rants, show off some unlikely entertainment normally avoided even by indie labels. If one were forced to summarize with one word the potpourri of creative endeavors on this sampler CD, "sarcastic" would probably be a good choice. Which is good news, because acts include Zip Code Rapists, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, and Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan. Musical quality ranges from quite good, Dieselhed, to quite silly, Zip Code Rapists and Heavenly Ten Stems, to absolutely obnoxious, Faxed Head. Some portions would never be worth listening to for musical reasons, but every song or interlude is comical or engaging. Every track, regardless of apparent inanity, possesses some theme, idea, or hook that makes it a worthwhile listen. Plus, now that Amarillo has gone defunct, it's unlikely you'll ever hear anything quite like it again.