Treiops Treyfid

All Water

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With Pitchblende now kaput, their former leader seems shy; whereas his band kicked out three albums, Treyfid only dips his toes in the water rather than diving in as a solo act. This is his third 7" single. It's hard to get a handle on what direction he is headed, but this is surely a lot stranger, both in conception and in recording, than Pitchblende. Like an '80s anti-pop group (imagine the old Rough Trade label), Treyfid writes odd, atonal riffs that fight against melody rather than accommodating them, especially in the strangely jarring post-punk/new wave anti-choruses. Yet his teeth-gnashing (especially vocally) remains fresh thanks to the in-your-face, jagged production; both sides are further helped in this early-'80s, weirdo slant by indie all-star drummers Alex Hacker (Ropers, Air Miami) on the A-side and Jerry Fuchs (Vineland, Cotillion) on the B-side, as well as Pitchblende bassist Scott Desimon. This is as unsettling as it is unusual. (157 Coolidge Terrace, Wyckoff, NJ 07481-2504)