Alien Marches

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Phobos is Marc Hans Rummig playing Ensoniq ESQ-1 synth and Roland MT-32 synth module. This album is definitely a must-have for any fanatic Trekkie. The cassette contains three short pieces of music. It begins with "The Vulcan March," an up-tempo driving piece. It is sort of like an up-dated version of the march of those funny little "yo-ho, yo-ho" critters in the Wizard of Oz. The piece is well-organized with some very interesting timbres. It builds and evolves with rich embellishments and nice orchestration. The next cut, "Talos Lullabye," sounds like late seventies-early eighties TD. The ESQ-1 hammers out the background patterns. Marc does a nice job with the pitchbend on the breathy flute solos. This is definitely the stand-out track. The concoction of sounds he utilizes is very interesting. Considering he is using only two synths, the results are astounding. "The Klingon March" is sort of a reprise of the first cut with a bit more intensity. Are Klingons generally more intense than Vulcans? Go figure. That track wraps up a collection of three short but tasteful tunes that go boldly where no man has gone before. Marc proves himself to be a talent well worth investigating. Perhaps we will hear more from him in the future. Contact: Marc Hans Rummig, 9716 A Hipkins Road, Tacoma, WA 98498.