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Some alternative rockers go for immediacy; the artist(s) try to grab listeners right away with hooks, infectious grooves, or easy-to-absorb melodies. But other alterna-rockers are more complex and intricate -- they don't go for immediacy and, as a result, listeners may not be able to fully absorb their albums right away. Akedemik, the first full-length album by the Secession Movement, is such an album. This southern New Jersey band is ambitious and chance-taking. Akedemik does not give listeners the quick fix; the CD thrives on complexity and angularity, and the Secession Movement isn't afraid to be abstract. Therefore, listeners are likely to need more than one listen in order to fully appreciate Akedemik. But those who are patient and don't demand immediate gratification will ultimately find experimental, chance-taking tunes like "Since You've Been Impressed" and "Gone on a Notion" to be interesting and rewarding. The songs on this disc are substantial and meaty, but they aren't songs that go out of their way to be accessible. In alternative rock, simplicity and complexity both have their place -- one approach is not any more or any less valid than the other. There is room for music that is simple, straightforward, and easily accessible as well as music that is more involved, and Akedemik is definitely more involved than albums by artists whose only goal is to keep audiences happy with great hooks. Akedemik has a lot to offer, but only if you keep your ears open and accept the Secession Movement on its own terms.

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