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Air, Palancar's follow-up to The Other Side, is once again an ably crafted mix of strongly instrumental arrangements, featuring the artist's original work. "Heaven's Calling" is a bright upbeat jazz-influenced piece. "My Evangeline" is a gentle tune, evocative of sunlit mountain meadows, while "Cedral Pass," one of the album's highlights, brings to mind caravans trekking across high terrain. The jazz element is present on this one too, with some engaging thematic explorations. But while "On the Elk River" is quite pleasant in its instrumentals, the vocal performance could be upgraded. Vocals are becoming Palancar's vulnerable point -- the ones on his previous album, The Other Side, sounded a bit better than those here, and it's the one needs-improvement side of this otherwise skillfully created album. Sometimes he overdoes it a just a touch on the sound effects too, as in "Java," which offers interesting original lyrics, but a bit much intoning of ohm on the interludes. Hopefully these tendencies will moderate, later. Despite this caveat, it remains a worthwhile effort, overall. Fans of Palancar's work will definitely want this album as well, and since he's dependably easy on the ears, casual listeners may also find themselves picking up copies.