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Much like Piano Magic's contribution to the Bliss Out series, on Aida the Spanish duo Mus creates two long tracks with a gentle, meditative beauty, drawing on everything from sweet shoegaze haze to Tortoise's interpretations of jazz styles. Ambient is perhaps the buzz word, but not in a conventional sense, more in how all the elements are brought together to create an enveloping flow. "Aquel Invierno" begins with an extended instrumental section with both vibes and guitar leading the way before Monica Vacas' voice slowly fades into the mix. Keyboard takes over from there, and the steady, mantralike loops and pace suggest more than a little inspiration from Spacemen 3 and Sonic Boom's solo work, before soft harmony singing and keyboards (or maybe heavily treated guitars) take over abruptly for a spare conclusion that draws out slowly but surely into an acoustic guitar ending. "A Ciela Abierta" starts on a bit of Cocteau Twins/Harold Budd trip thanks to the treated piano, then shifts to vocals and acoustic guitar in a fragile, spare arrangement. Tuba appears from time to time, but the overall arrangement first shifts to a solo keyboard part and then a concluding fade of guitar and voices drifting away quietly to black. It's only a taste of their music in the end, but as that it's very lovely.