Glory of This

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Adoration Review

by Rick Anderson

The most annoying thing about screamo is not its unlikely fusion of aggression and solipsism. It's the screamo lyricist's promiscuous use of the word "this" as lazy shorthand for whatever is bothering the singer at the moment. It was probably inevitable that a group would eventually form and call itself Glory of This, and no band has earned that name more completely than this one. Consider these lines, all from Adoration: "You're the first one to call me out on this" ("Flip for It"), "The only person left to blame for this is you" ("Fear That Gave Me Wings"), "I can't rely on this" ("Loose Lips Sink Ships"), "Maybe we could sit and talk about this after a while" ("Fragile House of Cards"), "I should be used to this, but I know better" ("Uncomfortable Silence"), "Feels like the first time that I've ever dealt with this" ("Sway With the Structure"). This is the Glory of This, where This is in its glory. If you like This, you'll like this. OK, enough. As is often the case with screamo bands, the music itself is actually quite a bit more fun and interesting than the lyrics: it has all the requisite screaming, all the requisite surprising vocal hooks (note especially the gorgeous "Senior Superlative"), and all the requisite really huge guitars. In fact, the only thing this band really lacks is a little bit of self-control in the pronoun department. Recommended.

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