Ron Boots

Across the Silver River

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In early 2002, Rudy Adrian sent Groove Unlimited a CD-R of material that, in his words, "still seemed to be lacking something." Ron Boots, a partner at Groove and an accomplished musician and composer, knew what it needed. He requested and received permission to add and tweak. Boots allowed himself to become immersed in the music and let soundscapes settle in his thoughts. Across the Silver River is on the forefront of modern e-music. Adrian's simple style compliments Boots' intricate tamperings. Inversely, the simplicity of Boots' additions enhances Adrian's complex sound design. In the end, those juxtapositions make this a CD that is neither a Ron Boots disc nor a Rudy Adrian disc. It is either a Boots/Adrian or an Adrian/Boots album. The ambient atmospheres are gentle and pastoral, the textures are soft and organic, and the timbres are calm and serene. This is a logical step in the evolution of European e-music. It combines the serenity of overt minimalism with the subtleties of deep sequencing. It is a unique effort with no logical comparisons.