Silent Goodbye

A Ring for Each Finger

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The emotional sounds of the Silent Goodbye are present in all their torturous glory on A Ring for Each Finger. They sound like a cross between Slint and Alice in Chains, blending the tense dynamics of the former with the draining suffering of the latter. Far from sounding like a metal band, however, they sound more like an extremely unhappy Sunny Day Real Estate. This is definitely a mood album, capturing the depressed cries of singers Owen Beane and Gregory Ferreira with a blunt accuracy. And the album is frustrating at times, involving the listener with its annoying tendencies just to deliver a sweet payoff as the song goes on. A good example is "Sugar and Lust," where at several points the song hangs around the same part endlessly, but then suddenly twists over to a rewarding burst of guitar that brings it to a powerful new part. This routine doesn't always work, leading to some tracks simply turning into plodding messes for parts of the song. But the frustrating part about the band is how they can still wrench wonderful moments out of even those songs. Kudos to both singers for being so emotionally involved in their own material; it is their determination and passion that keeps everything together. The album isn't perfect by any means, but there are some really powerful moments and great songs to be heard here. Fans of sparse, methodical indie rock should really give this a listen, as this is a band that has boatloads of potential and a pretty good album to showcase it on.

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