Dave Monk / Lisa Waterbury

A Lot To Say

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"I'll visit you when the rain stops falling. I'll be in my Mercedes Benz." From "Friends," this utopian hope is as far from Waterbury's grasp as Tantalus' golden apple. The songs on this CD collection of material released on four cassettes in 1995 and 1996 becomes a melancholy study in sadness from failed relationships. The sameness of Waterbury's delivery and the arrangements become a metaphor for the dead ends and heartbreaks consistent through the lyrics. There is an air of finality and negative expectation throughout. In "Last Ride," Waterbury lights a "last" cigarette before asking, "do you think it would be okay, if I fell in love with you today?" The fact that nothing is "okay" is expressly communicated in the downbeat tone of the song. Waterbury sings and plays guitar on each original track with producer Dave Monk providing more guitar along with bass, keyboards, and drum programming. In the lack of variance, A Lot to Say becomes a monolith to melancholy.