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A Gothic Acoustic Tribute to Tool

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Continuing in their long line of Gothic Acoustic tribute records, Big Eye sets its sights on one of metal's most important acts of the past decade: Tool. There really isn't that much about this album that's gothic, and it could be presumed that the "Gothic Acoustic" tag is a means to draw in the disenfranchised mall youth to take a listen when the ferocious tenacity of Tool is inappropriate background music, say for example while studying for that algebra test with friends at the local coffeehouse. The packaging and tonal qualities of the group ring anything but gothic, and this tribute album could easily have been packaged in an earthy tan sleeve with old-timey brown font lettering proclaiming that Emmet Otter's Brownjug Acoustic band performed these tracks. Packaging aside, this album does a good job emulating the haunting atmospherics of the original compositions, but strips away all tenacity and intensity in the process. To paraphrase Vowell, it's noticing the "difference between a paper cut and a decapitation." This one is only for those curious to hear Tool recontextualized and emasuclated to the highest power imaginable.

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