A Death Never to Be Completed

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The highly prolific Keiji Haino produced hundreds of records as a solo artist; in improvised collaborations it is arguable that the noise guitarist shines brightest with his power trio, Fushitsusha. The sound of the group is best described as situated somewhere between Cecil Taylor's free jazz inventions, Sonny Sharrock, Captain Beefheart, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. If such a meeting sounds unimaginable, think again; on Death Never to Be Completed the Tokyo group goes further "out" then on any of their previous recordings on PSF and seizes the mantle as "the best rock group of the '90s." This may only apply to the serious avant-garde and experimental listener, to whom rock is a dirty word. However, psychedelic rock and black metal fans could find that there is another meaning to the word heavy. Albeit the word tension doesn't come close to describing the ambience in which Keiji Heino and company sculpt walls of noise placed sharply against delicate minimalism. At times the group's sound is reduced to the threatening electrical hum of a band amplified to massive volume. It is over these implied dead silences that Keiji Haino's banshee voice soars in the most chilling, gasping splutters. How scarcely does mere rock sound so liberating.