A Case of Pop

Brett Raymond

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A Case of Pop Review

by Dacia A. Blodgett-Williams

Singer/songwriter Brett Raymond makes a offering of pop/rock with clean lyrics. Raymond states in his album notes that his desire was to demonstrate his appreciation for the pop/rock sensibility, and his love for the genre is evident throughout. With the uplifting chorus to the album opener "Angel's Gonna Find You," he urges the listener to "Hold on/An angel's gonna find you/Pretty soon be knockin' at your door." Also, the song "Angel's Gonna Find You," appears on the soundtrack for the Greg Kinnear movie Dear God. Through the eerie Oriental notes on "Jasmine Afternoon," Raymond displays a wide range of pop ability. "Hurry Up Heaven" is a song begging to be played repeatedly on a long drive. To a strong, driving rhythm, his chorus intones "Hurry up heaven/I need some help tonight/My baby's sitting by the fire/Waiting to hold me tight/Hurry up heaven/Don't make this road too long/Just let her know that I'll be home soon/Hurry up heaven." "The Ride," with its wonderful driving rhythm, tells the story of his first romp on a roller coaster ride and how his brother helps him find the courage to face his "little boy fears." The key difference that sets Raymond's album apart from mainstream pop rock artists is the cleanliness of his lyrics. It's doubtful that a parent would find anything to feel embarrassed about playing this album in front of their children. Touching on topics from romance to faith, A Case of Pop lives up to its name and is a good introduction to Raymond's works.