Billy Childish

Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot! The Billy Childish Story 1977-2018

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Over the course of the forty plus years covered by this collection, the one and only Billy Childish has worn a multitude of musical hats and worked with enough people to fill a phone book. His sound may change with each project (a little anyway), but what's at the center of each one are the rough qualities that make Childish unique. His cock-eyed, unblinking stare at life, his devotion to the power of three chords, his rough-and-tumble recording style, and his way with a simple hook and a lyric that can lop the listener's head off with one blow. Every few years someone, usually Damaged Goods, updates the Childish story with a collection that brings people up to date on the various bands and sounds Childish has undertaken; the one previous to Punk Rock Is Nicht Tot! -- Archive from 1959: The Billy Childish Story -- ended in 2009, so that leaves a lot of ground to cover here. Like previous editions that have come out, this rounds up tracks from his punk band the Pop Rivets, beat group revivalists the Milkshakes, raw garage rockers Thee Mighty Caesars, the freakbeat-influenced Buff Medways, primitive bluebeat combo the Blackhands, and the politically charged MBE's. It covers his work writing and producing garage rock girl group Thee Headcoatees, his collaborations with Holly Golightly and Sexton Ming, and the ragged folk blues of the Chatham Singers. That is about three careers' worth of bands right there, but Childish wasn't done. Collected here is a track from a one-off spy record single done under the name the Guy Hamper Trio, another excellent girl group the Shall I Say Quois, an amazing band called the Spartan Dreggs that blends Greek mythology with the mod sound of the Who, and one of Childish's longest-running groups, CTMF, a high-powered garage punk band co-run with his wife, Nurse Julie. It's a breathtaking collection of hard-boiled, high-energy rock & roll that's polished to a fine point by Childish's unflagging determination and barely containable passion. It might seem like 48 songs are too many -- that one might tire of his shouted vocals, focused lyrical concerns, and love-hate relationship with fidelity -- but, if anything, the set leaves one wanting more. Almost every band collected here has many albums to explore, each worth the effort and time spent seeking them out and listening. Punk Rock Is Nicht Tot! is a history lesson, a much-needed update, and yet more proof that Childish is a musical genius.

Track Listing - Disc 1

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
feat: Pop Rivets
03:00 Amazon
feat: Pop Rivets
02:33 Amazon
3 02:45 Amazon
4 02:38 Amazon
5 01:31 Amazon
6 01:44 Amazon
7 03:00 Amazon
8 02:02 Amazon
feat: The Delmonas
01:49 Amazon
10 02:17 Amazon
11 02:56 Amazon
12 01:43 Amazon
13 01:54 Amazon
14 02:36 Amazon
15 03:05 Amazon
16 02:17 Amazon
17 02:24 Amazon
18 04:06 Amazon
19 02:10 Amazon
20 03:11 Amazon
21 03:19 Amazon
22 02:22 Amazon
feat: Sexton Ming
01:49 Amazon
feat: Kyra
04:02 Amazon
25 03:22 Amazon
26 02:18 Amazon

Track Listing - Disc 2

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 02:43 Amazon
2 02:09 Amazon
3 03:09 Amazon
4 02:27 Amazon
5 02:59 Amazon
6 02:30 Amazon
7 03:41 Amazon
feat: The Buffets
01:59 Amazon
9 02:49 Amazon
10 02:43 Amazon
11 03:19 Amazon
12 04:14 Amazon
13 02:39 Amazon
14 05:08 Amazon
15 02:55 Amazon
feat: CTMF
03:43 Amazon
feat: CTMF
02:15 Amazon
feat: CTMF
02:48 Amazon
feat: CTMF
03:00 Amazon
20 02:46 Amazon
21 02:15 Amazon
feat: CTMF
05:21 Amazon
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