Wolfgang Voigt

20 to 2000

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In anticipation and commemoration of the start of the 21st century, German sister labels Rastermusic and Noton launched the magazine-like 20 To 2000 series. Between January and December of 1999, the labels released a monthly 20 To 2000 "volume"--a limited, specially packaged three-inch CD featuring 20 minutes of exclusive minimal electronic music. 20 To 2000 participants represent the international elite of microsound artists, and each volume is intended as a unique impression of the last 20 minutes of 1999.

Wolfgang Voight, who records under scores of aliases, attaches his given name to November's 20 To 2000 volume. The disc's two 10-minute tracks wrap a thick haze of sub-orchestral synth around surprisingly intricate 4/4 snare-skip deviations. Voigt just as easily could have assumed his Gas identity for this project. Like the smeared evocations of the Gas recordings, his 20 To 2000 pieces are woozy, disorienting, and utterly intoxicating. This could well be the sound of the New Year's Eve dance-floor diffracted through too many glasses of bubbly and a reckless nightcap of assorted hallucinogens, stimulants, and mood-enhancing pharmaceuticals. You'll live to see 2000, but the hangover might make you wish you hadn't.