Coyote Clean Up

2 Hot 2 Wait

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Since Coyote Clean Up's Christian Jay Sinkiewicz is a remarkably prolific producer -- he had four releases arrive in the first four months of 2013 alone -- his journey from the hip-hop-based sounds of his early work to the moody, deep house of 2 Hot 2 Wait has been both gradual and swift. Coyote Clean Up's second 100% Silk release and his first album to be issued on CD and vinyl, 2 Hot 2 Wait finds him completely immersed in atmospheric but still propulsive house, and its lengthy, often languid tracks are just as immersive for listeners. Not surprisingly, the album's lead track, "Awesome Luv," is also its most accessible song: it's equal parts sugary and elusive in its mix of hypnotic four-on-the-floor beats, breathy female vocals, and the wispy melody that holds it all together. However, "Awesome Luv" is actually the album's final track, which gives the impression that it's coming into focus after the even hazier tracks that precede it. 2 Hot 2 Wait envelops listeners in a beautiful fog of fractured vocals, spare, swirling melodies, and, of course, subtly insistent rhythms that give these songs just enough of an anchor to prevent them from floating away entirely. As striking as its individual tracks are, this is truly meant to be listened to as an entire, transporting album that sets an instantly nostalgic mood; if "dream-house" wasn't a silly name for a style, then Coyote Clean Up would be its inventor and king. As raw as it is dreamy, 2 Hot 2 Wait isn't just a perfect fit for 100% Silk's aesthetic; it plays like a shadowy remembrance of one of the heydays of Detroit's influence on electronic music. Even as Coyote Clean Up's sound has evolved, the quality of his music has remained pretty consistent, so while this may not be his definitive album, it's one of his most accessible in terms of music as well as availability -- qualities that make it a great gateway into this part of his career for newcomers and longtime fans.

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