DJ Mike Liquid

1st Element Wasabi

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If there is a line between psy-trance and progressive house, it is at best razor thin and expertly navigated by Israeli native DJ Mike Liquid (aka Mike Brown). A veteran of New York City's Tunnel club and the esteemed Miami haunt Liquid (thus the name), Liquid collects nine tracks of semi-surreal, ultra-hypnotic, and world-tinged dance music hovering in the mid-130 bpm range for what is his first release. Mixing sounds that range from AC/DC-like death knolls (such as are heard on Paste's "Macke") and deep mystical croaking sounds (Etnoscope's "Cloud Surfing"), Liquid more or less achieves his mission to deliver outerworldy vibes. The clarity of the mix is stellar, which decidedly helps some of the tracks when they reach that point where the producer has the tune more or less on autopilot. Tracks such as Yooza's "Overdrive," however, can probably be only enjoyed from the perspective of the late, late-night dancefloor patron and quickly slide from being appropriately interesting to simply dull and repetitive. Light on melody and big on grooves, Liquid's undeniable ear for distinct, well-produced sounds might need its palette widened somewhat if his justifiably keen skills are to get further recognition.