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A new Outcasts record should be better than none -- they haven't released all that much since their early days in the late '70s as the linchpin band on Belfast's Good Vibrations, a label and a scene that made for great collecting -- but this A-side is a not-particularly-necessary Stooges cover. For one thing, it's not "1969, OK," and why anyone would want to cover this in 1985 is really pretty dumb or at least daft. But at least this version is an invigorating, fresh, and hard look at a great proto-punk song, even if the Cowans can in no way conjure up the wild desire that Iggy Pop had when he was 22, as per the original song's lyric “Last year I was 21/Didn't have a lot of fun/Now I'm going to be 22..." Really, this is not bad, though an original is what we really want, and what we really want is a new Outcasts song that we can love in the way we once did "Teenage Rebel," "You're a Disease," "The Cops Are Coming," or "Self Conscious Over You." This is just a non-event.