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El Dopa's debut and final record was one of the best records to come out of San Francisco's evil sister city of Oakland during the mid-'90s. Excellent production from esteemed producer Billy Anderson and an all-star punk rock cast combined to create a grim, dismal landscape highlighting the hardships and struggles of life. Reminiscent of earlier Neurosis, Grimple (which El Dopa's Greg was a member of), and Damad, El Dopa exhibited minor chord dissonance and ultra crusty bombastic beats that left you ready to become more familiar with scarification. Not for the weak of heart or mind, this record is a must for fans of crusty, blasting grindcore and punk. This album's title became the band's name after disputes with an El Dopa based in Boston forced a name change. Long out of print, 1332 has fallen from view after the demise of the record label East Bay Menace, and talk of a re-pressing under a new imprint continues.