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While it's true that Poland was not as a whole all that up on its American pop culture at the time, what with that whole subjugation by the Soviet Union thing and all, it must be said: This Is Spinal Tap came out 23 years ago, guys. That whole "11" joke is kind of played out. And speaking of played out, that's a fine, concise description of the album as a whole. Not only is 11 not demonstrably different from Devilyn's previous albums, it is generic enough that the album's cover art could be the frontispiece image in the Wikipedia entry on death metal. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of death metal knows already exactly what this album sounds like, from the first double-time blastbeat drum roll to the last death-grunt vocal. Only the most die-hard fans of either the band or the style will truly enjoy decoding what few subtle distinctions await within.

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