1 Yr. Live

Pussy Galore

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1 Yr. Live Review

by Kathleen C. Fennessy

A live release originally issued as a 200-copy limited-edition cassette. Sound quality is variable -- to say the least -- but there's a lot of material here from the late noise band's earliest, snottiest years (1985-1986). Songs include: "Kill Yourself," "Die Bitch," "New Breed," and two dozen others, including a cover (the Stones' "Get off of My Cloud") and two versions of "HC Rebellion" (one instrumental). Side two ends with some audience participation that sounds suspiciously scripted. Is this joker a friend of the band, a relative, or an actual PG member? Hard to say, but his spontaneous interjections include, "Get this show out of here," "Come back when you learn how to play music, damn it," and the impossible-to-take-seriously-on-any-level-whatsoever, "Learn some Burt Bacharach." The cassette itself is a bare-bones effort and doesn't include song titles or credits. For diehards (and masochists) only.