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Chicago's J. Soliday and J. Mason crack down and rewire electronic toys and appliances in a way similar to the Swiss duo Voice Crack (which is older than they are). The strangely titled '/nø is their first proposition as Gunshop. The 43-minute CD presents seven tracks of noisy electronics, dense but harsh textures, and a wicked sense of humor. Fans of Voice Crack, TV Pow, the Lionel Marchetti/Jérôme Noetinger duo, and Gert-Jan Prins will find much to like here. The same spirit of experimentation with outdated technology and artifacts that simply were not conceived to be used and abused that way prevails. But Gunshop's music is more maximalist than any of the aforementioned artists. The pair is not scared to occupy the full sonic spectrum, nor is it shy of pushing the VU meters into the red. C.I.P. label owner Blake Edwards makes an appearance in "Peg, Not Knowing Why, but Knowing What For," while TV Pow's Brent Gutzeit contributes sounds to "Ee Hates Crusher." Tones beep and swirl, electric hums create tension, harsh noises catch when you least expect it -- the rest you have to guess by yourself. "First Lesson in Antimagnetics" stands out thanks to rich, eventful, absolutely non-static shrouds of noises. There is an entertaining dimension to this album that will surely be lost on anyone not already broken to the art of noise. The CD comes packaged in an anti-static bag. Recommended.