MK. Orchestrin


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Under the moniker MK. Orchestrin hides the Italian percussionist Mirko Sabatini. Through 18 short vignettes (usually between one and four minutes), he weaves sonic fabric made of percussion, motors, springs and small objects. Even though it was released in conjunction with another Ambiances magnétiques drummer album, Pierre Tanguay's La musique de mon disque, it could hardly be more different. Sabatini's approach is a lot more noise-based and close at times to sound art, while Tanguay is more into ambiance and texture (although both favour short time frames). The volume is very low, there isn't much happening and the music doesn't have time to expand. The result is rather cold. -28+Alieni has its moments, but it remains a bland genre exercise. The CD is packaged in an original way: it is inserted in a three-panel cardboard "box", the whole thing (box and CD) holding together with a small disc of Velcro.