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Psychedelic Pop Song Highlights

Title Performer Stream
Incense and Peppermints Strawberry Alarm Clock
Pleasant Valley Sunday The Monkees
Me and My Arrow Harry Nilsson
I Can Hear the Grass Grow The Move
Mellow Yellow Donovan
Blackberry Way The Move
Green Tambourine The Lemon Pipers
Pretty Ballerina The Left Banke
Something in the Air Thunderclap Newman
More Today Than Yesterday Spiral Starecase
Porpoise Song (Theme from Head) The Monkees
Morning Girl The Neon Philharmonic
White Bird It's a Beautiful Day
Time of the Season The Zombies
My World Fell Down Sagittarius
My White Bicycle Tomorrow
Yellow Balloon Yellow Balloon
I Started a Joke Bee Gees
Baby It's Real Curt Boettcher
Morning Sunshine The Idle Race
I Can See, But You Don't Know The Equals
Hang on to a Dream Gandalf
The Pied Piper Crispian St. Peters
Time Won't Let Me The Outsiders
Massachusetts Bee Gees
Pretty Song from Psych-Out Strawberry Alarm Clock
I'm the Urban Spaceman The Bonzo Dog Band / Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
Season of the Witch Donovan
Fire Brigade The Move
Desdemona John's Children
Brilliant Colors The Neon Philharmonic
October White Eyes
Marley Purt Drive Bee Gees
Blue Smoke Klaatu
Is Tomorrow Thursday Beauregard Ajax
Love over Here Orpheus
Lovely Day The Tuneful Trolley
Do Unto Others Sandy Salisbury
Think About Your Troubles Harry Nilsson
Sideshow Charade The Electric Prunes
Piano Scherzo Endle St. Cloud
Sleep Like a Child The Attack / The Five Day Week Straw People
Something of Yours The Aerovons
Lazy Day The Left Banke
The Creation: He Made the World The Bards
No! No! No! Dana Gillespie
The Weird Years of Gentle Chill Atomic Swing
She's Gone Bert Sommer
There's Got to Be a Way [Mono Version] Locomotive
Song to a Magic Frog Michele / Michele O'Malley

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