Live @ the Clubhouse

Tom Tom Club

Live @ the Clubhouse

September 24, 2002

Contemporary Pop/Rock

Since there was no Tom Tom Club compilation available as of 2002, this double album served as both a much needed career recap as well as an enjoyable romp through their melange of hip-hop, reggae, Afro, and funk. It's a consistently effervescent, energetic, and upbeat live show, but the group's clever cover of Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" is a showstopper.

- Hal Horowitz

Turn on the Bright Lights


Turn on the Bright Lights

August 20, 2002

Alternative/Indie Rock

2017 marks the 15th birthday of this early aughts classic from the dour New York crew. Start to finish, Bright Lights is a magical, expansive journey through the smokiest corners and darkest alleys of the city. Front-loaded with classics like "PDA" and "NYC," the end captures some of their most beautiful moments with "Stella...," "The New," and "Leif Erikson." Despite their uneven late-era output, Interpol will remain beloved by indie rock fans because of this iconic effort.

- Neil Z. Yeung