May 19, 2017


Opening for Rammstein's 2017 U.S. shows helped boost this LA industrial outfit's profile, just in time for their excellent sophomore set, which finds them coming into their own. Fans of Broken/Spiral-era NIN, Antichrist-era Manson, White Zombie, and, yes, Rammstein, will delight in this effort, a cinematic soundtrack to the apocalypse. In the three years between releases, they upgraded from base model androids into fully formed cybernetic organisms, a formidable evolution that demands attention.

- Neil Z. Yeung

Ten Hymns from My American Gothic

St. Lenox

Ten Hymns from My American Gothic

October 21, 2016

Indie Pop

A bold and soulful piano pop record chronicling the American experience from this Midwestern-bred, New York-based, Korean-American with a huge voice.

- Timothy Monger