Parade [Music from the Motion Picture Under the Cherry Moon]

Prince & the Revolution / Prince

Parade [Music from the Motion Picture Under the Cherry Moon]

May 19, 1986

Contemporary R&B

Originally conceived as a double album, Parade has the sprawling feel of a double record, even if it clocks in around 45 minutes. Prince & the Revolution shift musical moods and textures from song to song, and they're determined not to play it safe, even on the hard funk of "Girls and Boys" and "Mountains," as well as the stunning "Kiss," which hits hard with just a dry guitar, keyboard, drum machine, and layered vocals. All of the group's musical adventures do nothing to undercut the melodicism of the record, and the amount of ground they cover in 12 songs is truly remarkable.

- Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Constricting Rage of the Merciless


Constricting Rage of the Merciless

July 8, 2014

Death Metal

Rather than mess with the formula, Goatwhore opted to simply turn everything up, resulting in the least forward-thinking, yet most sonically rewarding and punishing album of their career. As per usual, they are ruthlessly efficient, unmerciful, redundant, triumphant, and wholly invested in darkness, volume, destruction, and little else.

- James Monger