Take a Little Trip: Jason Palmer Plays Minnie Riperton

Jason Palmer

Take a Little Trip: Jason Palmer Plays Minnie Riperton

October 30, 2012


An intelligent, highly adept improviser, trumpeter Jason Palmer represents a new breed of 21st century jazz musicians including such contemporaries as Ravi Coltrane, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mark Turner, and others, who set their egos aside and take a thoughtful, intellectual, and technically adept approach to the music. Which isn't to say this album comes off as a cold, academic exercise. On the contrary, what's so great here is how well Palmer walks the line between romantic slow-jam R&B and harmonically challenging modal jazz improvisation.

- Matt Collar




May 19, 2017


Opening for Rammstein's 2017 U.S. shows helped boost this LA industrial outfit's profile, just in time for their excellent sophomore set, which finds them coming into their own. Fans of Broken/Spiral-era NIN, Antichrist-era Manson, White Zombie, and, yes, Rammstein, will delight in this effort, a cinematic soundtrack to the apocalypse. In the three years between releases, they upgraded from base model androids into fully formed cybernetic organisms, a formidable evolution that demands attention.

- Neil Z. Yeung