Drunken Songs

Julian Cope

Drunken Songs

February 3, 2017


One of the Arch Drude's most enjoyable offerings in many years, the melodious, whimsical, and appropriately shambling Drunken Songs celebrates Cope's latter-day embrace of booze.

- Timothy Monger

The Essential Radio Birdman: 1974-1978

Radio Birdman

The Essential Radio Birdman: 1974-1978

July 17, 2001

Aussie Rock

With the documentary Descent into the Maelstrom filling theaters in its premiere engagements, it's a good time to revisit the genius of one of Australia's very best rock bands, Radio Birdman. For newbies, The Essential Radio Birdman: 1974-1978 is the best place to get wise to the group's ferocious blend of Detroit high-energy muscle, hot-rodded surf guitars, pre-punk swagger, and their own distinct brand of urban cool. If this isn't enough for you, give the career-inclusive Radio Birdman box set a try.

- Mark Deming