...Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age

...Like Clockwork

June 4, 2013

Alternative Metal

They don't rage and riff like they did in 2002, but the slowly-unspooling pleasures and effortless cool of ...Like Clockwork are myriad and set a potentially interesting table for the band's upcoming Villains.

- Chris Steffen




June 5, 2012

Indie Rock

On their surprisingly pretty sixth album, Liars bring the electronic undercurrents lurking in their sound since They Were Wrong, So We Drowned to the fore in a softly hypnotic fashion. WIXIW's insularity often recalls the whispery parts of Drum's Not Dead, another album where the band proved that they do quiet just as thrillingly as they do loud, and it's still fascinating to hear them wield beauty and delicacy just as formidably as they've used force and noise in the past.

- Heather Phares