Raw Movements/Rude Movements


Raw Movements/Rude Movements

November 25, 2016

Electric Jazz

The 2016 BBE anthology Raw Movements/Rude Movements brings together all of Sunpalace's recordings, as well as some previously unreleased demos. Primarily, these are bass and drum machine-heavy jams punctuated by Collins' Nile Rodgers-esque electric guitar flourishes and O'Connell's Rhodes keyboard and Prophet 5 synth parts. Think a Stanley Clarke and George Duke project if recorded in an apartment into a home 8-track machine and you're fairly close to the sound Sunpalace achieved.

- Matt Collar

Incipit Satan


Incipit Satan

March 14, 2000

Black Metal

Incipit Satan is a blast of prime evil that recalls the glory days when Bathory and Mayhem were busy conspiring to turn all of Scandinavia into an outpost of Hades. Flaunting the par-for-the-course Nietzsche influences on their chain mail-clad sleeves, Gorgoroth kicks up a racket like hell on steel wheels.

- Leslie Mathew