Mental Illness

Aimee Mann

Mental Illness

March 31, 2017

Alternative/Indie Rock

For a songwriter who seems obsessed with the darker side of human nature, the title Mental Illness seems almost too much on the nose. But if these eleven songs are less than optimistic, Aimee Mann displays a genuine compassion for her characters, even when they're at their worst, and the austere arrangements complement Mann's vocals on one of her strongest albums. Somber stuff, but heartfelt and deeply human.

- Mark Deming

Original Pirate Material

The Streets

Original Pirate Material

October 22, 2002


Mike Skinner's debut as the Streets heralded a distinctive voice in U.K. garage and grime, presenting a smart emcee whose honest portrayals of club life in Britain were delivered in a strangely conversational half-rapped, half-sung cadence. Though less conceptual as his later albums, it introduced his signature mix of humor and drama and revealed his elaborate vision as a songwriter and producer.

- Timothy Monger