Subway to the Country

David Ackles

Subway to the Country



Even in this outsider songwriter's small oeuvre, Subway To The Country is an outlier. Its roots and veins are deep in the primary inspiration of early Tin Pan Alley and Brecht and Weill as well as theatrical music, blues and the folk revival, swirled in shades of gray to create a dark masterpiece.

- Thom Jurek




August 28, 2001

Contemporary Reggae

Some reggae purists balked at all the energy and electronics employed on U-Roy's 2001 effort Now, but for me, this star-studded "comeback" effort is pure joy. For starts, check the DJ's hotstepping version of "OK Fred" with Errol Dunkley or his slow, simmering take on Peter Tosh's "Equal Rights".

- David Jeffries