Ana Tijoux


March 18, 2014

Latin Rap

Over 17 gorgeously constructed tracks, this set glides seamlessly between hip-hop, cumbia, Andean folk, digital dub, brassy funk, soul, and jazz. There are no samples; the full band and voices were cut on the studio floor. Overdubs were added later. There is far more singing here than we're used to from the French-Chilean artist and that's a great thing. Featuring guest spots from Juanito Ayala and DJ Neil, Ana Tijoux upped the ante for Latin pop and hip hop with this 2014 release.

- Thom Jurek


Brandon Flowers


September 4, 2010

New Wave/Post-Punk Revival

A little bit tacky, a little bit overearnest, entirely within the Killers frontman's Vegas-loving wheelhouse. On Flowers' 2010 debut, he takes his Springsteen devotion out into the dusty desert for a pleasant collection of wide-eyed ditties that end up being more satisfying than the last couple Killers albums. Highlights include "Only The Young," "Crossfire," and the four bonuses on the deluxe edition.

- Neil Z. Yeung