Bird Calls

Rudresh Mahanthappa

Bird Calls

February 10, 2015

Modal Music

It was purportedly while breaking down Parker's performance on "Donna Lee" to help a student learn the infamously difficult song that saxophonist Mahanthappa came up with the concept of a different way to interpret Parker's music. Taken in small, easily digestible bites, Mahanthappa began to hear Parker's architectural bop motifs less as swinging, blues-based jazz and more as modern classical or even avant-garde music. Combining his own creative approach to jazz with Indian raga, funk, post-bop, and other eclectic stylistic elements, Mahanthappa wrote pieces loosely based on Parker's songs or parts of solos.

- Matt Collar

Everything and More

Dolly Mixture

Everything and More

October 12, 2010

Indie Pop

Widely known in indie-pop and post-punk circles, but otherwise doomed to obscurity, Dolly Mixture never quite got the break they deserved. Aside from their most well known release, Demonstration Tapes, the band released a handful of singles on various labels over the span of a few years before calling it quits. Everything and More was self-released by the band in 2010 in limited numbers and collects the Dolly Mixture's entire output as band, as well as a fairly comprehensive booklet documenting their history.

- Ryan Cady