Calculating Infinity

The Dillinger Escape Plan

Calculating Infinity

September 28, 1999


As New Jersey lunatics Dillinger Escape Plan wind down their career, it's a good time to flash back to their first masterpiece, a jagged, disconcerting collection of songs that sprinted by at hyperspeed but revealed multitudes upon closer examination. The first two songs have remained live staples, but further rewards can be gained from moody fragments like "The Running Board" and "4th Grade Dropout."

- Chris Steffen

Front by Front

Front 242

Front by Front


Alternative Pop/Rock

Easily one of the greatest industrial albums ever made, bar none, this hit like a bombshell and influenced more bands and songs than can be counted--check "Headhunter" and "Until Death (Us Do Part)." The overall feeling of militaristic, blunt efficiency encompasses music, artwork, and lyrics.

- Ned Raggett