Doctor Velvet

Nick Curran

Doctor Velvet

February 4, 2003

Modern Electric Blues

Having already proven himself as the most worthy heir to the Texas blues throne -- or at least Guitar Slim reincarnate -- Doctor Velvet found the guitarist/vocalist channeling the spirits of Albert King, Freddy King and Otis Rush in one long, funky burst of late-'50s and early-'60s go-go blues ectoplasm. From the inspired reworking of garage rock icons the Sonics' "Shot Down" to the Louis Prima-meets-Fats Domino vocals on "Don't Be Angry," Curran deftly expanded his vision.

- Matt Collar

Calling Over Time

Edith Frost

Calling Over Time

April 22, 1997

Alternative Country-Rock

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of some of landmark albums -- Radiohead's OK Computer, Bjork's Homogenic -- but those weren't the year's only excellent releases. Case in point: Edith Frost's stark, heartbreakingly beautiful debut album. Thanks to its stripped-down sound and Frost's simple yet evocative singing and songwriting, it hasn't aged a day (and might even sound fresher now than some of those familiar classics). For anyone who loves heartache and twang without a lot of fuss, Calling Over Time is a must.

- Heather Phares