The Amps


October 31, 1995

Alternative Pop/Rock

With Kelley Deal in rehab and the success of Last Splash still relatively fresh, Kim Deal went back in the studio for what was supposed to be a solo venture. The Amps ended up recording their only album with old friends Jim MacPherson (Breeders) and Nate Farley (Guided By Voices) to round the group out. The result is primitive and lo-fi in the best possible way, and continues to be my favorite Breeders album that wasn't actually a Breeders album.

- Ryan Cady

La Planete Sauvage

Alain Goraguer

La Planete Sauvage



La Planete Sauvage (aka Fantastic Planet) remains one of the most fascinating animated films ever produced. Its soundtrack, composed by Serge Gainsbourg associate Alain Goraguer, is a classic in its own right, expressing confusion and wonder through dreary yet groovy jazz-funk. The album's been sampled by numerous hip-hop and electronic producers, and it's easily available on vinyl thanks to Superior Viaduct.

- Paul Simpson