Full On - Mask Hysteria

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Full On - Mask Hysteria



The one and only full-length by the masked rave duo is still one of the high points of the era. Blatantly swiping samples from Detroit techno and earlier U.K. acid house pioneers like 808 State and piling on samples of crowd noise, their tracks were ecstatic, cartoonish, and loads of fun. The album was recently reissued on vinyl (with bonus tracks and remixes) after not being available on wax since its original 1992 release. Watch your bass bins, I'm tellin' ya!

- Paul Simpson

Around Midnight

Julie London

Around Midnight



Julie London's ability to interpret a song was at its strongest in the late '50s and early '60s, as is evidenced on the shimmering Around Midnight. The drowsy "Black Coffee" and lazy "Lush Life" typify the late-night feel of the album, leading right into "The Wee Small Hours of the Morning."

- Zac Johnson