The Essential Radio Birdman: 1974-1978

Radio Birdman

The Essential Radio Birdman: 1974-1978

July 17, 2001

Aussie Rock

With the documentary Descent into the Maelstrom filling theaters in its premiere engagements, it's a good time to revisit the genius of one of Australia's very best rock bands, Radio Birdman. For newbies, The Essential Radio Birdman: 1974-1978 is the best place to get wise to the group's ferocious blend of Detroit high-energy muscle, hot-rodded surf guitars, pre-punk swagger, and their own distinct brand of urban cool. If this isn't enough for you, give the career-inclusive Radio Birdman box set a try.

- Mark Deming


The Duke Spirit


February 4, 2008

Alternative/Indie Rock

If Cuts Across the Land was a testament to the Duke Spirit's raw power, then Neptune showcased their newfound range. Liela Moss' vocals sound more commanding and seductive than ever as she leads the band through fuzzed-out Sonic Youth homages, Motown-tinged pop and serene ballads as well as more expected blues-rock tempests, all of which hinted at the eclecticism of the Duke Spirit's later albums.

- Heather Phares