Leva-me Aos Fados

Ana Moura

Leva-me Aos Fados

October 6, 2009


In her achingly lovely voice, Moura belts out fados new and old in a style that draws deeply on tradition while incorporating subtle melodic and rhythmic innovations in a seamless, unprepossessing way. The contemporary compositions she sings are informed by the greater independence women enjoy today

- Rick Anderson

Allegory and Self

Psychic TV

Allegory and Self


Alternative/Indie Rock

Psychic TV's 1988 studio LP kicks off with "Godstar," their delightful ode to Brian Jones which ended up being a surprise hit in the U.K. It's followed by the equally poppy "Just Like Arcadia," another fan favorite, and from there the album bounces around from noisy Beefheart imitations to warped Pet Sounds pop to the group's first flirtations with acid house. Sacred Bones is about to give this its first vinyl pressing since its original release, so don't miss out.

- Paul Simpson