Lady Gaga


November 11, 2013


Maybe one day the world will come around to Artpop, Gaga's criminally underrated third LP. Packed with her most infectious numbers, it might have been a bit too weird and artsy-fartsy for the general public. Highlights like "Venus," "G.U.Y.," "Mary Jane Holland," "Sexxx Dreams" and "Artpop" are some of her pure pop best, and "Applause" hits just as hard all these years later. Back to front, it's a thrill. Get reacquainted before Coachella.

- Neil Z. Yeung

All We Love We Leave Behind


All We Love We Leave Behind

October 8, 2012

Hardcore Punk

What Converge has always done masterfully is to fuse the cyclonic, mosh-pit chaos of punk with the unrelenting precision of thrash, and blistering cuts like "Vicious Muse," "Shame in the Way," and "Sparrow's Fall" deliver that mission statement in bloody, two minute bursts that further cements the group's reputation as the Webster's definition of American hardcore.

- James Monger