We Told You Not to Cross Us

The Revelators

We Told You Not to Cross Us

February 25, 1997


A set of monophonic blues-punk so raw it could give you trichinosis, the Revelators' first and finest album, 1997's We Told You Not To Cross Us, is a Dixie-fried blast of heart, soul, and bad attitude. Build around the wailing guitar of John Schooley, the unrelenting drumming of Mark Walters, and blast-furnace vocals of Jeremiah Kidwell, this is one of the rare examples of a band sounding even more dangerous than they probably intended.

- Mark Deming


Lady Gaga


November 11, 2013


Maybe one day the world will come around to Artpop, Gaga's criminally underrated third LP. Packed with her most infectious numbers, it might have been a bit too weird and artsy-fartsy for the general public. Highlights like "Venus," "G.U.Y.," "Mary Jane Holland," "Sexxx Dreams" and "Artpop" are some of her pure pop best, and "Applause" hits just as hard all these years later. Back to front, it's a thrill. Get reacquainted before Coachella.

- Neil Z. Yeung