Green Fields of America

The Green Fields of America

Green Fields of America

January 27, 2009


There are no cold, calculated keyboard vistas, programmed beats, or freakishly out of place fretless bass solos to be found here, only a small army of talented men and women sitting down for a traditional Irish music session in a pub that happens to have a sound booth, expensive microphones, and a mixing board as opposed to a collection of fine spirits and ales.

- James Monger

The Moving Sidewalk

Alan Hampton

The Moving Sidewalk


Alternative Singer/Songwriter

Known as a studio and touring bassist for the likes of Andrew Bird, Meshell Ndegeocello, and Sufjan Stevens, just to name a few, Hampton has also become recurring sideman for public radio's A Prairie Home Companion under new host Chris Thile. A singer and songwriter in his own right, his solo debut revealed an elegant, harmonically rich chamber folk informed by jazz, classical, and pop. And his voice and lyrics are lovely to boot.

- Marcy Donelson