Most Wanted


Most Wanted

March 13, 2007


There are plenty of Yellowman compilations available, and while it's hard to call Greensleeves' Most Wanted the flat-out best, it's top shelf and necessary for the serious fan thanks to all of the 12" mixes it features. Important numbers like "Mr Chin," "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng," "Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt," and the DJ's cover of "Blueberry Hill" are all in attendance, making this an all killer, no filler collection.

- David Jeffries

BLUE Nights

Bruford Levin Upper Extremities

BLUE Nights

March 27, 2000


Given trumpeter Chris Botti's profile as a lyrical, deeply romantic crossover jazz star, it's fascinating to hear him jam with guitarist David Torn and former King Crimson bandmates drummer Bill Bruford and bassist Tony Levin in Upper Extremities. At turns menacing and dreamlike, this late '90s live album showcases the quartet's dynamic, intuitive approach to crafting highly improvisational, textural jazz-rock soundscapes.

- Matt Collar