August 28, 2001

Contemporary Reggae

Some reggae purists balked at all the energy and electronics employed on U-Roy's 2001 effort Now, but for me, this star-studded "comeback" effort is pure joy. For starts, check the DJ's hotstepping version of "OK Fred" with Errol Dunkley or his slow, simmering take on Peter Tosh's "Equal Rights".

- David Jeffries

Dark Adapted Eye

Danielle Dax

Dark Adapted Eye

November 8, 1988

Alternative Pop/Rock

1980's British experimental diva Danielle Dax was never easy to pigeonhole. Her alluring Marc Bolan-meets-Siouxie sound was spiced with unusual Middle Eastern accents, melodic goth-pop and straight-up experimentalism. After living outside the mainstream for most of the decade, she signed with Sire in 1988 and made her major label debut with the enchanting Dark Adapted-Eye.

- Timothy Monger