Ask Me Tomorrow

Mojave 3

Ask Me Tomorrow


Alternative/Indie Rock

Following Slowdive's last album, Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell gift-wrapped this charming album of desert soundscapes. Full of echoing guitars and hushed, breathy vocals, the songs are never rushed and the performances are never urgent. The whole project simmers in its own heat and never boils over.

- Zac Johnson

The Fragile

Nine Inch Nails

The Fragile

September 21, 1999

Alternative Pop/Rock

Nearly two decades later, this double-disc beast remains the most satisfying and involved in Reznor's catalog. Sure, it's long and indulgent, but it's also a completely enveloping experience. In hindsight, it was a turning point for NIN; nothing sounded as depraved and wounded once sobriety and gym visits came into the picture. For all the typical pain and rage, The Fragile shines in moments of beauty like "The Great Below" and everything on companion EP, Still.

- Neil Z. Yeung