Incipit Satan


Incipit Satan

March 14, 2000

Black Metal

Incipit Satan is a blast of prime evil that recalls the glory days when Bathory and Mayhem were busy conspiring to turn all of Scandinavia into an outpost of Hades. Flaunting the par-for-the-course Nietzsche influences on their chain mail-clad sleeves, Gorgoroth kicks up a racket like hell on steel wheels.

- Leslie Mathew

Electric Company

Starling Electric

Electric Company

April 15, 2016

Alternative/Indie Rock

The long awaited, sophomore long player from the Southeastern Michigan-based outfit, Electric Company sees Starling Electric retrofitting their Baroque-pop finery in order to make room for some newly amassed power pop muscle. There's not a note wasted, nor is there a sonic nodule left unexplored.

- James Monger