Everything and More

Dolly Mixture

Everything and More

October 12, 2010

Indie Pop

Widely known in indie-pop and post-punk circles, but otherwise doomed to obscurity, Dolly Mixture never quite got the break they deserved. Aside from their most well known release, Demonstration Tapes, the band released a handful of singles on various labels over the span of a few years before calling it quits. Everything and More was self-released by the band in 2010 in limited numbers and collects the Dolly Mixture's entire output as band, as well as a fairly comprehensive booklet documenting their history.

- Ryan Cady

Paid in Full

Eric B. & Rakim

Paid in Full

July 7, 1987

East Coast Rap

One of the defining albums of '80s hip-hop, few albums of any genre argue the notion of "less is more" better than Paid In Full. The combination of Rakim's strong, confident flow and Eric B.'s lean but commanding beats and scratching is so effective, you scarcely notice that there isn't a whole lot else to this album. And both deliver so masterfully, you don't need much else, either.

- Mark Deming