Wolf Songs for Lambs

Jonathan Fire*Eater

Wolf Songs for Lambs

October 7, 1997

Alternative Pop/Rock

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of some of landmark albums -- Radiohead's OK Computer, Bjork's Homogenic -- but those weren't the year's only excellent releases. Case in point: Jonathan Fire*Eater's Dreamworks debut and final album, Wolf Songs for Lambs. Jonathan Fire*Eater was one of the more unlikely bands to benefit from major labels signing as many indie bands as they could in the post-Nirvana feeding frenzy, and this set of songs is arguably some of their densest, most challenging music. Defined by Walter Martin's Farfisa haze and Stewart Lupton's snarling vocals, the band's murky swirl of garage, punk and blues remains as disorienting and fascinating as ever.

- Heather Phares

Doctor Velvet

Nick Curran

Doctor Velvet

February 4, 2003

Modern Electric Blues

Having already proven himself as the most worthy heir to the Texas blues throne -- or at least Guitar Slim reincarnate -- Doctor Velvet found the guitarist/vocalist channeling the spirits of Albert King, Freddy King and Otis Rush in one long, funky burst of late-'50s and early-'60s go-go blues ectoplasm. From the inspired reworking of garage rock icons the Sonics' "Shot Down" to the Louis Prima-meets-Fats Domino vocals on "Don't Be Angry," Curran deftly expanded his vision.

- Matt Collar