Featured Style: Afro-beat

Afro-Beat was created and almost exclusively performed by Nigerian superstar Fela Anikulapo-Kuti; he also gave the style its name in 1963, although he would not bring it to its fullest creative fruition until his classic recordings of the 1970s, which quickly made Afro-beat into a wildly popular sensation in Nigeria and began to attract attention from the rest of the world as well. By the '80s, Kuti's style had been well established, and although the massive scale and distinctive personality of…

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Featured Mood: Laid-Back/Mellow

AllMusic's moods are adjectives that describe the sound and feel of a song, album, or overall body of work. If everyone seems a bit too on-edge for your liking lately, take some time to decompress with the finest in laid back and mellow music.

Featured Theme: Background Music

AllMusic's themes refer to activities or events particularly suited for a song, album or overall body of work. Light on lyrics, unhurried in its tempos, and generally unobtrusive, background music fits the bill when you can't offer it your full attention but you don't want silence, either.