Featured Style: Blues-Rock

Though much early rock & roll was based in the blues, Blues-Rock didn't fully develop into a subgenre until the late-'60s. Blues-rock emphasized two specific things -- the traditional, three-chord blues song and instrumental improvisation. Borrowing the idea of an instrumental combo and loud amplification from rock & roll, the original blues-rockers -- bands like Cream that grew out of the Alexis Korner and John Mayall tradition of British blues, as well as American bands like the Paul…

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Featured Mood: Druggy

AllMusic's moods are adjectives that describe the sound and feel of a song, album, or overall body of work. With or without chemical enhancement, these albums take the listener on a mind-altering, consciousness-expanding ride.

Featured Theme: Road Trip

AllMusic's themes refer to activities or events particularly suited for a song, album or overall body of work. Hit the highway with these albums suited to long hauls with the windows rolled down.