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Sun Ra
Time/Life (Song for the Whales and Other Beings)
Imaginary Cities
David Murray

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Title Performer Stream
They Plan to Leave Sun Ra / Sun Ra & His Arkestra
A Man Sees a Snake, a Woman Kills It, No Matter So Long as It Is Dead Bill Cole's Untempered Ensemble
Third Planet Sun Ra
Musique Mecanique II [At Midnight] Terry Adams / Carla Bley Band / Alan Braufman / Eugene Chadbourne / John Clark / Karen Mantler / Michael Mantler / Roswell Rudd / D. Sharpe / Bob Stewart / Steve Swallow / Gary Windo
Wyrgly Maria Schneider
Asifina Dream Fire of Space
Stardust from Tomorrow Sun Ra / Sun Ra Arkestra
The Secret of Blue Is Well-Guarded Vienna Art Orchestra
Loggerhead Blues Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra
Way Down South Where the Blues Began Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra

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