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The Dubliners
The Dubliners with Luke Kelly
Whiskey in the Jar
Luke Kelly

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Title Performer Stream
Itches in Me Britches The Poxy Boggards
Medley Ten: Boys of Killybegs/Tim Finnegan's Wake/Old Maid in a Garret Sean O'Neill / Sean O'Neill Band
Biddy Mulligan/Whiskey on a Sunday/German Clockwinder/Isn't It Grand Sean O'Neill / Sean O'Neill Band
A Lusty Young Smith The Whiskey Bards
A Jug of This A.L. Lloyd
Le Botillon Stello
Du, du Liegst Mir Im Herze Die Lustige Munchen Musikanten
Song for the Dying Here Be Dragons
Cavan Girl The Wild Irish Rovers
Hello! Hello! Who's Your Lady Friend The Barrel Club

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