William Grant Still

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William Grant Still was the first African-American to rise to prominence as a composer of classical concert music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Symphony No. 1 ("Afro-American") 1930 Symphony
And They Lynched Him on a Tree, for double chorus, narrator & orchestra (also in voice & piano score) 1940 Choral
Suite for Violin and Piano 1943 Chamber Music
Summerland, for piano 1935 Keyboard
La Guiablesse, ballet & orchestral suite 1927 Ballet
Caribbean Melodies, folk song settings (16) for choruses, soloists, percussion, piano & dancers (collab. with Z.N.Hurston) 1941 Ballet
Here's One, for chorus & piano 1941 Choral
Miniatures for flute, oboe & piano 1948 Chamber Music
Romance for Saxophone, for saxophone & piano (or chamber orchestra) 1954 Chamber Music
Visions (3), for piano 1935 Keyboard
Quit Dat Fool'nish, for piano 1935 Keyboard
Songs of Separation, song cycle for voice & piano 1945 Vocal Music
Danzas de Panama, for string quintet 1948 Chamber Music
Reverie, for organ 1961 Keyboard
Seven Traceries, for piano 1939 Keyboard
Pastorela, for violin & piano, or violin & orchestra 1946 Chamber Music
Vignettes, for oboe, bassoon & piano 1962 Chamber Music
The Blues, for violin & piano (arranged from "Lenox Avenue") Chamber Music
Elegy, for organ 1963 Keyboard
A Song for the Lonely, for voice & piano 1953 Vocal Music
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