Toru Takemitsu

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Takemitsu was a self-taught Japanese composer who combined elements of Eastern and Western music and philosophy to create a unique sound world.
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
A Flock Descends Into the Pentagonal Garden, for orchestra 1977 Orchestral
November Steps, for shakuhachi, biwa & orchestra 1967 Concerto
A Way A Lone, for string quartet 1981 Chamber Music
Rain-Tree Sketch, for piano 1982 Keyboard
Toward the Sea I, for alto flute & guitar 1981 Chamber Music
Requiem, for string orchestra 1957 Orchestral
riverrun, for piano & orchestra 1984 Concerto
Eclipse, for shakuhachi & biwa 1966 Chamber Music
Songs (12) for Guitar 1977 Chamber Music
All in Twilight, pieces (4) for guitar 1987 Chamber Music
Rain-Tree Sketch II, for piano 1992 Keyboard
Air for solo flute 1995 Chamber Music
Folios, for guitar 1974 Chamber Music
Piano Distance, for piano 1961 Keyboard
Litany - in Memory of Michael Vyner, for piano 1989 Keyboard
In the Woods, pieces (3) for guitar 1995 Chamber Music
Uninterrupted Rests I-III, for piano 1952 Keyboard
And then I knew 'twas wind, for flute, viola & harp 1992 Chamber Music
Equinox, for guitar 1993 Chamber Music
Toward the Sea III, for alto flute & harp 1989 Chamber Music
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