Shinji Hayashi


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Year Album Artist
2011 Checkmate! Namie Amuro Executive Producer
2010 Best: Third Universe & 8th AL Universe [2 Disc] Kumi Koda Producer
2008 Best Fiction Namie Amuro Producer
2008 Catchy Best Exile Producer
2008 Entertainment Best Exile Producer
2008 Girl's Box: Original Song Collection CD/DVD] Girl's Box Producer
2008 Kingdom [CD/DVD] Kumi Koda Producer
2008 Life/The Third Movement [CD/DVD] You Producer
2008 Maximum New Best Max Executive Producer
2008 Super Eurobeat Presents: Super GT 2008, Round 1 Executive Supervision
2008 Super Eurobeat, Vol. 186 Executive Supervision
2006 Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Music Adventure Verse 1 [Soundtrack] Supervisor
2006 Super Eurobeat, Vol. 142 Executive Supervision
2006 Super Eurobeat, Vol. 143 Executive Producer
2004 Final Fantasy X-2 Producer
2003 Audio Sponge Sketch Show Executive Producer
2003 Infinity: Love and Life V6 Supervisor
2003 Listen to My Heart [Album] BoA Producer
2003 Sakura Wars, The Movie: Music Collection (Original Soundtrack) Supervisor
2003 Super Eurobeat, Vol. 140 [Bonus DVD] Executive Supervision
2003 Valenti BoA Producer
2002 Best of Velfarre 2001 Producer
2002 Excerpts From Ayu-Mi-X: Hex Hector/Jonathan Peters Ayumi Hamasaki Producer
2002 Excerpts From Ayu-Mi-X: Mad Professor/Scanty Sandw Ayumi Hamasaki Producer
2002 Excerpts From Ayu-Mi-X: ORB/Hybrid Ayumi Hamasaki Producer
2002 Excerpts From Ayu-Mi-X: Thunderpuss/Club 69 Ayumi Hamasaki Producer
2002 Excerpts From Ayu-Mi-X: Victor Calderone/Keith Lit Ayumi Hamasaki Producer
2002 Free & Easy Ayumi Hamasaki Producer
2002 Gran Sonik (Remix Album) m-flo Executive Producer
2002 Vampire Hunter D Producer
2001 Inuyasha: The Complete Movies Boxset [DVD/CD] Supervisor
2001 Loveppears Ayumi Hamasaki Producer
2001 Super Eurobeat Presents: Ayu-Ro Mix, Vol. 2 Ayumi Hamasaki Executive Supervision
2000 No Strings Attached *NSYNC Executive Supervision
2000 Seasons Ayumi Hamasaki Producer
1998 Avex Dance, Vol. 7 Producer
1993 Velfarre, Vol. 11 Producer
Negai No Tou Exile Executive Supervision
Tokyo Jukebox, Vols. 1-2 Marty Friedman Supervisor