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Rob Burger was the accordionist in the chamber jazz group Tin Hat Trio and has toured with Bill Frisell, Don Byron, and Joey Baron, and appeared on Frisell's Tales from the Far Side soundtrack. Burger…
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Year Album Artist
2017 From Where I Started Sera Cahoone Piano, Farfisa Organ, Pump Organ, Wurlitzer, Mellotron
2016 Blue Mountain Bob Weir Accordion, Omnichord, Orchestra, Organ (Hammond), Vibraphone
2016 In the Magic Hour Aoife O'Donovan Casio, Harmonica, Lap Steel Guitar, Piano, Pump Organ
2016 case/lang/veirs Neko Case / case/lang/veirs / k.d. lang / Laura Veirs Piano, Keyboards, Claviola
2015 Greatest Hits Tracy Chapman Piano, Pump Organ
2015 Sing Into My Mouth Ben Bridwell / Iron and Wine Accordion, Mellotron, Moog Bass, Organ, Piano, Piano (Electric), Prepared Piano
2013 FilmWorks XXV: City of Slaughter/Schmatta/Beyond the Infinite John Zorn Piano
2013 Ghost on Ghost Iron and Wine Arranger, Piano, Piano (Electric), Musical Direction, Clavinet, Hammer Dulcimer, Jew's-Harp, Organ, Tubular Bells
2013 Nebraska [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Mark Orton Accordion, Composer, Primary Artist
2013 Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys Accordion, Organ, Piano
2013 Warp & Weft Laura Veirs Accordion, Bells, Farfisa Organ, Harmonica, Mellotron, Organ, Piano, Pump Organ, Sampling
2013 Won't Be Long Now Linda Thompson Organ (Hammond)
2012 Nosferatu John Zorn Organ, Piano
2012 Survive Garrison Hawk / Sly & Robbie Organ
2012 Traveling Alone Tift Merritt Keyboards, Accordion, Mellotron, Piano, Wurlitzer
2012 Young Man in America Anaïs Mitchell Accordion, Organ
2011 Kiss Each Other Clean Iron and Wine Performer
2011 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Pt. 1 Producer, String Arrangements
2011 Tumble Bee: Laura Veirs Sings Folk Songs for Children Laura Veirs Accordion, Celeste, Composer, Keyboards, Marxophone, Piano, Sampling
2010 ...Featuring Norah Jones Norah Jones Pump Organ
2010 Cosmo Jesse Harris Main Personnel, Accordion, Piano, Organ, Wurlitzer
2010 FilmWorks XXIV: The Nobel Prize Winner John Zorn Main Personnel, Piano
2010 Hadestown Anaïs Mitchell Accordion, Piano
2010 Homeland Laurie Anderson Accordion, Keyboards, Marxophone
2010 In Search of the Miraculous John Zorn Piano
2010 The Goddess: Music for the Ancient of Days John Zorn Piano
2009 Alhambra Love Songs John Zorn Piano
2009 Around the Well Iron and Wine Main Personnel, Musician
2009 City of Strangers Rob Burger Primary Artist, Accordion, Banjo, Guitar, Harmonica, Jew's-Harp, Keyboards, Lap Steel Guitar, Marimba, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Treatments, Ukulele, Unknown Contributor Role, Vibraphone, Zither
2009 FilmWorks XXIII: El General John Zorn Accordion, Piano
2009 Pain Is a Reliable Signal The Flying Change Performer
2009 When the Cardinals Come Atoosa Grey Piano, Organ, Vibraphone
2008 Easy Come Easy Go Marianne Faithfull Arranger, Piano, Celeste, Organ
2008 FilmWorks XIX: The Rain Horse John Zorn Piano
2008 FilmWorks XX: Sholem Aleichem John Zorn Main Personnel, Accordion
2008 Four Films Trevor Dunn Fender Rhodes
2008 Let It Go Steven Alvarado Piano
2008 Little Honey Lucinda Williams Main Personnel, Accordion, Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond B3, Pump Organ, Wurlitzer, Mellotron, Vibraphone, Organ (Hammond)
2008 Our Bright Future Tracy Chapman Piano, Organ, Pump Organ, Wurlitzer, Vibraphone
2008 Strangers in Another Country Rosalie Sorrels Main Personnel, Accordion
2008 The Alternate Dimensions of Elchico EP Chico Hamilton Accordion
2007 Release the Stars Rufus Wainwright Organ
2007 Stardom Road Marc Almond Main Personnel, Keyboards
2007 The Shepherd's Dog Iron and Wine Performer
2007 Versatile Heart Linda Thompson Pump Organ, Organ (Hammond)
2007 West Lucinda Williams Main Personnel, Accordion, Piano, Prepared Piano, Piano (Electric), Wurlitzer Piano, Organ, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Organ (Hammond), String Arrangements, Vox Organ
2006 1-800-Bankrupt Marykate O'Neil Wurlitzer, Casio
2006 6th Avenue Romp Chico Hamilton Main Personnel, Accordion
2006 Comfort of Strangers Beth Orton Slide Guitar, Accordion, Piano, Organ
2006 FilmWorks XVIII: The Treatment John Zorn Main Personnel, Accordion
2006 I've Forgotten Everything Lee Feldman Organ (Hammond)
2006 Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man Arranger
2006 Meadow Richard Buckner Main Personnel, Musician
2005 Everything Is Illuminated [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Paul Cantelon Accordion, Marxophone, Pump Organ
2005 Harrison on Harrison Joel Harrison Organ (Hammond)
2005 Humming by the Flowered Vine Laura Cantrell Accordion, Piano, Mellotron, Organ (Hammond), Marxophone, Claviola
2005 Sleepless Nights/Those Sweet Words Norah Jones Pump Organ
2005 Sweetheart: Love Songs [2005] Piano
2005 The Best of Film Works: 20 Years of Soundtrack Music John Zorn Accordion
2004 Book of Silk Tin Hat Trio Harmonica, Accordion, Piano, Prepared Piano, Toy Piano, Celeste, Marxophone, Bass Harmonica, Group Member
2004 Come Away with Me/Feels Like Home Norah Jones Accordion, Pump Organ
2004 Early Song Faun Fables Pump Organ, Chamberlin
2004 Feels Like Home Norah Jones Guest Artist, Main Personnel, Field Organ, Pump Organ
2004 Great Jewish Music: Jacob Do Bandolim Jacob Do Bandolim Arranger, Guitar (Steel), Accordion, Chamberlin, Glockenspiel, Machines, Bass Harmonica
2004 I 8 the Sandbox Mary Mulliken Main Personnel, Slide Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Banjo, Accordion, Piano, Piano (Electric), Organ, Pump Organ, Omnichord, Drums, Congas, Hi Hat, Maracas, Bells, Keyboard Programming, Vocals (Background), Tin Cans
2004 Live in 2004 Norah Jones / Norah Jones & the Handsome Band Pump Organ
2004 Return of the All-Powerful Light Beings Gak Omek Guitar, Guitar (Synthesizer), Artwork, Design, Digital Drums
2004 So Long 2nd Street Joel Harrison Main Personnel, Organ
2004 Swell Henry Chris Speed Accordion
2004 Underdog Victorious Jill Sobule Piano, Casio
2004 Want Two Rufus Wainwright Organ (Hammond)
2004 While the Music Lasts Jesse Harris Lap Steel Guitar, Piano, Prepared Piano, Farfisa Organ, Pump Organ
2003 Boots Noe Venable Vocals, Pump Organ, Chamberlin, Indian Banjo
2003 Get Your Glow On Adam Levy Main Personnel, Accordion, Piano, Piano (Electric), Organ, Composer
2003 Great Jewish Music: Sasha Argov Accordion, Piano
2003 Sisters Paul Brill Accordion
2003 Sisters [EP] Paul Brill Accordion
2003 Voices in the Wilderness John Zorn Accordion, Bass Harmonica
2003 Want One Rufus Wainwright Arranger, Organ, Organ (Hammond)
2003 When I Close My Eyes Ann Dyer Accordion
2003 When It Comes Upon You Touch Acoustra Pump Organ, Wurlitzer
2002 Come Away with Me Norah Jones Featured Artist, Accordion, Pump Organ
2002 Don't Know Why Norah Jones Accordion, Pump Organ
2002 Everyone's a Winner Trailer Park Rangers Accordion, Piano
2002 FilmWorks XIII - 2002, Vol. 3: Invitation to a Suicide John Zorn Accordion
2002 Lost Photograph Rob Burger Primary Artist, Producer, Audio Production, Main Personnel, Various Instruments, Banjo, Harmonica, Accordion, Piano, Prepared Piano, Toy Piano, Celeste, Organ, Pump Organ, Chamberlin, Glockenspiel, Music Box, Organ (Hammond), Orchestration, Marxophone, Casio, Indian Banjo, Shortwave Radio, Bass Harmonica, Claviola, Composer
2002 The Maverick Strain and Other Stories Beth Custer / Joe Goode Performance Group Accordion, Bass Harmonica
2002 The Rodeo Eroded Tin Hat Trio Member of Attributed Artist, Harmonica, Accordion, Piano, Prepared Piano, Tack Piano, Toy Piano, Celeste, Organ, Field Organ, Bass Harmonica, Composer
2001 L' Instant d'Apres David Linx Chamberlin, Primary Artist
2001 Live at the Du Nord Jim Campilongo Accordion, Piano, Organ
2001 Meant to Be Jenna Mammina Accordion
2001 Ruby Rakes The Ruby Rakes Accordion, Organ, Chamberlin
2001 Uh-Oh! Tipsy Accordion, Organ, Optigan
2000 American Pi Austin Willacy Accordion, Piano (Electric), Clavinet, Chamberlin
2000 Eco de Sombras: Echo of Shadows Susana Baca Guest Artist, Accordion, Organ
2000 Heavy Jim Campilongo & The 10 Gallon Cats Guest Artist
2000 Helium Tin Hat Trio Harmonica, Accordion, Piano, Pump Organ, Marxophone, Composer
2000 Market Street: A Live Compilation from Cafe du Nord Organ
2000 Shuffle Play: Elegies for the Recording Angel John Schott Accordion
2000 Tony Furtado Band Tony Furtado Accordion
2000 Will Bernard and Motherbug Will Bernard Orchestra
1999 Breeze at Dawn: The Poems of Rumi in Song Dale Zola Accordion, Organ
1999 Memory Is an Elephant Tin Hat Trio Accordion, Toy Piano
1999 Metal Shed Blues Old Joe Clarks Accordion, Piano, Pump Organ, Organ (Hammond)
1999 Revolver: A New Spin Ann Dyer & The No Good Time Fairies Accordion
1999 Under the Influence Jenna Mammina Accordion
1998 Anti-Theft Device Mix Master Mike Organ
1998 Inclement Weather Eighty Mile Beach Organ
1998 Medicine Hat Will Bernard Accordion, Organ (Hammond)
1998 Oranj Album Oranj Symphonette Accordion, Harpsichord, Farfisa Organ, Wurlitzer, Chamberlin, Mellotron, Keyboards, Synthesizer
1998 San Francisco Song Cycle, Vol. 1 Performer, Primary Artist
1998 Table for One Jim Campilongo Accordion, Piano, Pump Organ, Organ (Hammond)
1997 Detra's del Sol Gabriela Accordion, Harmonium
1997 Ernst Matt Nathanson Accordion
1997 Penumbra: Moon Sessions Dmitri Matheny Accordion
1997 Trip Tease Tipsy Accordion, Organ
Borrowed Arms 2 Foot Yard Pump Organ
Chasing Away the Dots Mike Coykendall Keyboards
Close Your Eyes Jenna Mammina Primary Artist
Gung Ho Freddy & Francine Accordion, Piano, Organ
Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Yo Ho, Matey! Piano, Organ
Penguins Rabbitsss Instrumental
Songs From The Point! Synthesizer Orchestration, Toy Piano
The Big Picture David Krakauer Accordion, Piano, Celeste, Pump Organ, Vibraphone, Organ (Hammond)