Randy Dry


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Year Album Artist
2005 Cinderella Man [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Various Artists A&R
2005 The Ring / The Ring 2 [Original Motion Picture Soundtracks] Hans Zimmer A&R
2005 War of the Worlds [Music from the Motion Picture] John Williams A&R
2004 Finding Neverland [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Jan A.P. Kaczmarek A&R
2004 The Best of Broadway: The American Musical Project Director
2004 The Door in the Floor [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Marcelo Zarvos A&R
2004 The Motorcycle Diaries Gustavo Santaolalla Coordination, Soundtrack Coordination
2004 The Terminal [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] John Williams A&R
2004 Two Brothers [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Stephen Warbeck A&R
2004 Van Helsing [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Alan Silvestri A&R
2004 Van Helsing: The London Assignment (Original Animated Film Soundtrack) John Van Tongeren Soundtrack Coordination
2004 Vanity Fair [Original Soundtrack] Mychael Danna A&R
2003 Camp A&R
2003 Hulk [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Danny Elfman A&R
2003 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World [Music from the Motion Picture] Iva Davies A&R
2003 People I Know [Music from the Motion Picture] Terence Blanchard A&R
2003 Remixed Bond Concept
2003 Seabiscuit Randy Newman A&R
2003 The Cat in the Hat [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] David Newman A&R
2003 The Life of David Gale [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] A&R
2002 Ali A&R
2002 Black Hawk Down [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Hans Zimmer A&R
2002 Enterprise [Music from the Original Television Soundtrack] Dennis McCarthy A&R
2002 Evelyn [Music from the Motion Picture] Stephen Endelman A&R
2002 Frida [Music from the Motion Picture] Elliot Goldenthal A&R
2002 Gosford Park [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Patrick Doyle A&R
2002 Hart's War [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Rachel Portman A&R
2002 Red Dragon [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Danny Elfman A&R
2001 A Beautiful Mind [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] James Horner A&R
2001 Bride of the Wind (Soundtrack) Coordination, Soundtrack Coordination
2001 Caveman's Valentine (Soundtrack) Terence Blanchard Soundtrack Coordination
2001 Gladiator: More Music From the Motion Picture Hans Zimmer Soundtrack Coordination, A&R
2001 Jurassic Park III [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Don Davis A&R
2001 K-Pax [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Edward Shearmur A&R
2001 Spy Game [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Harry Gregson-Williams A&R
2001 The Last Castle [Music from the Motion Picture] Jerry Goldsmith A&R
2001 The Man Who Wasn't There [Original Score] Carter Burwell A&R
2001 The Mexican [Music from the Motion Picture] Alan Silvestri Soundtrack Coordination
2001 The Mummy Returns (Soundtrack) Alan Silvestri A&R
2000 Agnes Browne Soundtrack Coordination
2000 Gladiator [Music from the Motion Picture] Lisa Gerrard / Hans Zimmer Soundtrack Coordination
2000 The Skulls Randy Edelman Soundtrack Coordination
2000 X-Men Michael Kamen Soundtrack Coordination
1999 British Rock Symphony Release Supervisor
1999 Mozart for Mommies and Daddies: Jumpstart your Newborn's IQ Release Coordinator
1999 Philip Glass: Aguas Da Amazonia Uakti Release Coordinator
1999 The Bone Collector [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Craig Armstrong Soundtrack Coordination
1999 The Mummy [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Jerry Goldsmith Soundtrack Coordination
1999 The Muse Elton John Coordination, Soundtrack Coordination
1999 Tune Your Brain with Tchaikovsky Project Coordinator
1998 Celtic Harpestry: A Contemporary Celtic Collection Package Coordinator
1998 Waking Ned DeVine/O.S.T. Shaun Davey Soundtrack Coordination