Mikis Theodorakis

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A Greek poet, patriot, politician and composer of numerous film scores (including ZORBA THE GREEK).
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Year Title
'Tis Raining Hard in the Slums Miscellaneous (Classical)
Abschied, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
Adagio for solo flute, string orchestra & percussion Concerto
1993 Adagio, for flute, clarinet, trumpet & string orchestra Concerto Concerto
Afti Pou Tharthoun (Those who are to come) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Aivali Vocal Music
1987 Alexis Zorbas, ballet suite Ballet Ballet
All meine Habe, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
Les Amants de Teruel, film score Film Score
1958 Les amants de Téruel, Suite AST 118 Chamber Music
America Insurecta Miscellaneous (Classical)
Andalucía, songs (7) for voice & orchestra Vocal Music Song Cycle
Andrikos' Ballad Miscellaneous (Classical)
Anguished Yearning Miscellaneous (Classical)
Anigho To Stoma (I open my mouth) Miscellaneous (Classical)
1995 Antigone, opera Opera Opera
Asma Asmatom Miscellaneous (Classical)
1960 Axion esti, oratorio Choral Oratorio
The Ballad of Mauthausen Miscellaneous (Classical)
Batucada Miscellaneous (Classical)
Betörendes Lied, for soprano & piano Vocal Music Lied
Biribi, film score Film Score
The bread is on the table, for voice & guitar Vocal Music
1971 Canto General, oratorio for soloists, choir & orchestra Choral Song
Canto Olympico, for tenor, bass, chorus, piano & ochestra Miscellaneous (Classical) Song
1947 Carnaval, ballet suite for orchestra Ballet
Chathika (I lost my way) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Complaint Vocal Music
2005 Cretan Concertino, for alto saxophone & orchestra Concerto
Cruel Powers (Apones Eksousies) Vocal Music
Cyclades Minor, 7 poems of Odysseus Elytis, for voice, guitar & orchestra Vocal Music
1967 The Day the Fish Came Out, film score Film Score
1938 Den Ine Monaha T'Aidonia (It Is Not Just the Nightingales), song Vocal Music
Dioti Den Sinemorfothi (Because he refused to submit to the law) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Drapetsona Vocal Music
Dream Miscellaneous (Classical)
2007 East of the Aegean, for cello & piano Chamber Music Suite
Einsame Reise, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
1991 Electra, opera in 2 acts Opera Opera
1958 Epitaph, song cycle for voice & piano Vocal Music
Epitaphs (8) for guitar (arr. by Yianni Iliopoulis from song cycle) Chamber Music Song Without Words
Epitaphs No. 3, for guitar Chamber Music
Esmeralda, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
1939 Esperinos (Evening Mass), song Vocal Music
Faces of the Sun, for voice & piano Vocal Music
Fortunas Gewässer, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
From your window, for voice & guitar Vocal Music
1942 Ftinoporo (Autumn), song Vocal Music
Gelasto Paidi (The Laughing Boy) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Glikofiloussa Miscellaneous (Classical)
Go To Sleep My Angel Miscellaneous (Classical)
Golden-green Leaf Vocal Music
A Grieved Virgin Mary (Mia Pihramenee Panagia) Vocal Music
Hassaposervikos Dance Miscellaneous (Classical)
The Honeymoon Song, for orchestra Orchestral
Honeymoon, film score Film Score
1939 I Agrambeli (The Vine Tendril), song Vocal Music
If You Remember My Dream Vocal Music
Imaste Dio (We are two) Miscellaneous (Classical)
In The Sky of the Neighborhood (Stees Geitonias ton oorano) Vocal Music
In This Neighborhood Miscellaneous (Classical)
Intermezzo Miscellaneous (Classical)
1947 Irini (Peace), song Vocal Music
Irthan i Anthropoi (The one who was taken by the road), song Vocal Music Song
1943 Ise San To Louloudaki (You Are Like a Flower), song Vocal Music
It's getting dark (Vradidzei) Vocal Music
Ixa Fitepsi mia Kardia (I Planted a Heart) Vocal Music
The Jovial Boy Miscellaneous (Classical)
1947 Kalinihta (Good Night), song Vocal Music
The Kites (Oi Khartaetoi) Miscellaneous (Classical)
1982 Liturgy No 2 of the children killed in war Miscellaneous (Classical) Mass
Look at me in the eyes (Koita me sta matia) Vocal Music
Lyricotera Chamber Music
Magical Night Vocal Music
Make Your Bed for Two Vocal Music
Mana to mana Miscellaneous (Classical)
The March of the Spirit: Embros voithate na Sikosoume March
Margaret of May Miscellaneous (Classical)
1952 Margarita, song Vocal Music
1988 Medea, opera Opera Opera
Medeas Entsagung, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
Menexedenia Miscellaneous (Classical)
Méra Magioú (A Day in May) for voice & piano (or orchestra) Vocal Music
The Metamorphoses of Dionysus, opera in 2 acts Opera
Mirtia (Myrtle) Miscellaneous (Classical)
The moon (To fengari) Vocal Music
1960 Mother and Virgin, for voice & piano (from "Politeia") Vocal Music Song
My April Miscellaneous (Classical)
My betrayed love, for voice & guitar Vocal Music
My Joy I Can Spare Miscellaneous (Classical)
Myrtle Miscellaneous (Classical)
1952 Nanourisma (Lullaby), song Vocal Music
Nihtoni, duet for soprano, baritone, flute & piano Vocal Music Duet
Nobembri (18th November) Miscellaneous (Classical)
O Maggie Margaret Miscellaneous (Classical)
O Solitary Swallow / O Sun of Justice Vocal Music
Of Foreign Lands Vocal Music
Oft sprichst du zu mir, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
Old Streets Vocal Music
Old Time Passages Miscellaneous (Classical)
Omorfi Poli (Lovely City) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Passion of Sadducees Miscellaneous (Classical)
1945 Perivoli Mou Orgomeno (In the Tilled Earth of My Garden), song Vocal Music
Petite Suite, for piano Keyboard Suite
Phaedra, film score Film Score
1939 Pio Poli Ki Apo Ta Matia (More Than the Exchange of Glances), song Vocal Music
Pira tous dromous tou listi Miscellaneous (Classical)
Poetica, for voice & chamber ensemble Vocal Music
1940 Poson Isiha Kimate (How Calmly They Sleep), song Vocal Music
Prelude No. 1, for piano Keyboard Prelude
Preludes (11) for piano, Op 8 Keyboard Prelude
Preludes (5) Miscellaneous (Classical) Prelude
1970 Raven, for mezzo-soprano, flute, 2 harps & strings Vocal Music
Requiem for 4 soloists, chorus, children's choir & orchestra Choral Requiem
1998 Rhapsody for cello & orchestra, AST 306 Chamber Music Rhapsody
1996 Rhapsody for guitar & orchestra, AST 256 Concerto
Romancero Gitano Miscellaneous (Classical)
Santiago Miscellaneous (Classical)
Se pótis rodóstamo (I Gave You Rose-Water To Drink), for voice & piano (or orchestra) Vocal Music
Second Popular Suite, for piano Keyboard Suite
Serpico, film score Film Score
Silva, song Vocal Music Song
Sirtaki (Zorba's dance) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Someday They'll Come Vocal Music
1952 Sonatina for violin & piano No. 1 ("Crétoise"), AST 75 Chamber Music
1958 Sonatina for violin & piano No. 2, AST 114 Chamber Music
Song(s) Vocal Music
State of Siege, film score Film Score
1952 Sti Vitrina (In the Store Window), song Vocal Music
Sto Perigali (Repudiation) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Street corner by street corner (Gonia-gonia) Vocal Music
Stroke of the Pick (Penia) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sunrise Was Your Name Miscellaneous (Classical)
1973 Sutjeska (The Fifth Offensive), film score Film Score
1947 Symphonietta Symphony
Symphony No. 1 Symphony Symphony
1981 Symphony No. 3 Symphony Symphony
Symphony No. 4 ("Chorus") Symphony Symphony
Symphony No. 7 ("Du Printemps") Symphony Symphony
Thanks Me To God Miscellaneous (Classical)
Theme from Z Film Score
They were imprisoned (Beekhan sta sidera) Vocal Music
1939 Ti Thelo (What I Want), song Vocal Music
Tin Porta Anigho (As evening comes, I Open the door) Miscellaneous (Classical)
1937 To Karavaki (The Little Ship), song Vocal Music
To Parapono (The Heartache) Vocal Music
To Psomi Ine Sto Trapezi Miscellaneous (Classical)
To tréno févgi stis októ (The Train Leaves at Eight), for voice & piano (or orchestra) Vocal Music
1946 Trio for violin, cello & piano, AST 41 Chamber Music
Uferloses Meer, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
Under Your Window (Apo to parathuro sou) Vocal Music
La United Fruit Co. Miscellaneous (Classical)
Vergiftete Zeit, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
Where Has My Boy Flown To?, for mandolin & guitar Chamber Music
Where To Has My Lad Fled Miscellaneous (Classical)
Who Pursues My Life Vocal Music
Wie geheimnisvoll schön meine Liebste ist, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
Wildwaches Land, song for soprano & piano Vocal Music Song
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
You left a May day, for voice & guitar Vocal Music
You Were Complaint Vocal Music
You Were Leaning Against the Window Miscellaneous (Classical)
Z, film score Film Score
Zorba the Greek, film score Film Score Film Score